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    In order of Purchase
    1984 John Deere 116 bought 1 year old and now retired
    Oliver 2-44 Backhoe/Loader (mid-late 60's model
    1985 Wheelhorse 312-8
    1979 wheelhorse C-161 - future project, needs engine overhaul, piston partially disintegrated
    1965 CASE 180, 1st year they sold a Garden Tractor
    2003 John Deere LT155 - my mower tractor
    1960 Suburban 400 - sandblasted, primed, in a parts pile
    1961 Suburban 550 - sandblasted, primed, in a parts pile
    196? Suburban ?? - whatever the left over parts pile makes
    1974 C-160 Auto - My worker tractor
    1974 C-81, a future project
    1967 Panzer T-75, needs engine overhaul
    1960ish ?? Porter Cable (I think it is a Mark 1)
  • favoritemodel
    1974 C-160

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    Marble Falls, Tx
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    Retired -Dam & Hydro Maintenance Supt
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    Wheelhorse's, and all other color Garden Tractors!
    Rebuilding Things
    Spending time on lake LBJ
    Deer Hunting
    Wood Working
    My Grand Kids

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  1. oliver2-44

    ThE NeW WhEeLhOrSe GuY

    As you clean it up, we want more As already said, there are a lot of helpful people that can walk you through repairing any problems.
  2. oliver2-44

    310-8 and 312-8

    @RandyLittrell You might also pull the fuel and clean it, or just go ahead and put a rebuild kit in it. One of my other color tractors was taking a while to crank, and I bought a full replacement fuel pump off Ebay for a low price, Cured the problem, now starts right after i kit the key.
  3. I've certainly spent enough time brushing bolts and small items. I was at a harbor Freight yesterday and drooled over those. There on my craigslist search list.
  4. oliver2-44

    1959 David Bradley/Sears Suburban Find

    Those are cool, I sure would pick one up if it popped up around here.
  5. oliver2-44

    Favorite weekend breakfast

    All this talk, got me thinking of Birds Nest Breakfast. I was a Scout Leader of various titles for many years and taught boys to make this large Dutch Oven style breakfast for cookig competitions. Start by browning 2 lbs if pork sausage in a Dutch Oven. Then add 1 or 2 lbs if potato strings and brown. Next add 12 to 18 eggs and scramble. For the final judges “presentation” touch cook 3 eggs over easy on top and there your birds nest. Feeds about 6-8 hungry boys
  6. oliver2-44

    Happy Birthday Brandon

    Have a great Birthday
  7. oliver2-44

    Favorite weekend breakfast

    Forget all that eggs and bacon, my favorite is the excellent Czech Poppy Seed Kolache's and Pig In the Blankets from Weikel's Bakery, La Grange Tx OK, I do like my eggs and bacon too!
  8. oliver2-44

    Blowed spark plug

    The H10C spark plug is correct for this engine, so your good there.
  9. oliver2-44

    New to wheel horse,need help

    I'm not a 754 guru, but lots of knowledgeable helpful people here.
  10. oliver2-44

    Opinions On These Wheels

    17s size seems good, not a fan of those black rims
  11. oliver2-44

    Blowed spark plug

    @Whnewone Please share a little more information. What tractor and engine is this, and what brand & part # spark plug are you using. Is there a chance you are using an incorrect plug.
  12. oliver2-44

    D 160 mufflers

    I seem to recall some one recently saying he used 2 mufflers for Cubs that looked something like this one, and that they were semi reasonable priced. 105-296 393840-R91 Muffl er For 7, 10 & 12 Hp engines. Fits Kohler models K241, K301 & K321. For garden tractors. Painted black fi nish. Overall Length: 16-1/2″, Inlet ID: 1-3/8″, Canister length: 11-1/2″, Canister OD: 3-3/4″. This is our most popular muffl er for custom exhaust modifi cations.
  13. oliver2-44

    12” of the Wet Stuff

    Calendar Shots!
  14. oliver2-44

    Economy Tractor 1612

    Very Nice, did you get the blade that goes in the front of that mount. if you have a serial number I can tell you the year. I recently came across a chart with that info.
  15. oliver2-44

    Rough B-115

    Watch the classified here. There was a k321 14 hp listed that just sold. Also @richmondred01 rebuilds motors and usually has a few on the shelf to sell.