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    1965 CASE 180, 1st year they sold a Garden Tractor
    2003 John Deere LT155 - my mower tractor
    1960 Suburban 400 - sandblasted, primed, in a parts pile
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    196? Suburban ?? - whatever the left over parts pile makes
    1974 C-160 Auto - My worker tractor
    1974 C-81, a future project
    1967 Panzer T-75, needs engine overhaul
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  1. I picked up these 2 Cast Iron Rims at the scrap metal yard while I was selling some old aluminum tin. Not sure what I’ll use them on, but there cool looking. They are cast in 3 pieces, right side , left , side, center spider him. They have a 1” bore. The right side has a cast # 1917 and the left side has cast # 1928. The old paint looks to be Red. The tire is a Goodyear , Studded Tread, R .80/4.00. The Tire has what I think is a date number 196797. Which I think reads 1967, 9th month, 7th day. They were on the remains of a broken gear box, possible from a tiller or walking tractor. Anybody recognize them??
  2. oliver2-44

    Sundstrand In-Line Hydro Purchase

    Kep us posted with pictures as you replace the bearings and all.
  3. Thanks for the replies. I agree Craigslist seems to have more and more scammers out there
  4. Looks Great. if you leave the front spindle sticking out the top and use a side steering lever and rod it will look like some of the very old Farmal's
  5. What other "For Sale" sites besides Craigslist do you use to buy and sell tractors and parts? Any special Pro's and Con's?
  6. oliver2-44

    Restore or not

    Nice original patina tractor. some here also like to completely disassemble, make any needed repairs, lightly wet sand to remove some rust and bring some red back, then apply several coats of clearcoat. I would keep it original looking, but what ever you do make it your own, and keep the family history alive.
  7. oliver2-44

    Commando 8 VS Commando V8

    YThats a good project to start into restorations. Some of the parts you may be looking for can be found in the vendors section here The Clasifidd section here is also a good place to find parts or post. Wanted add. Have Fun
  8. oliver2-44

    Hello from NW Arkansas

    Welcome. My C—60 is a great worker. I’m urgently doing a large drainage ireshaping project and I’m amazed at how much dirt it can push
  9. oliver2-44

    Happy Birthday Deadguy

    Happy Birthday, Have a great day.
  10. oliver2-44

    Berlin, WI Show

    Thanks for the pic's, nice lineup. where's the 953?
  11. oliver2-44

    Front end loader re-build

    The real loader experts will chime in, but what I know is you will definitely need a separate larger pump
  12. oliver2-44

    My Dream 416-8

    Being helpful goes a lot further than begging! Beg to much and you'l be left out of the will! signed another Grandpa.
  13. Keep up the great work, Your a huge benefit to our hobby
  14. oliver2-44

    Galvanic Destruction of Bearing Material

    I've been around engineers discussing galvanic corrosion discussions at work for years, but am far far from any expert. What I find interesting is mild steel (crank shafts) and lead and tin (bearing material) or even aluminum (rod material) are not very far apart on the "Galvanic scale" so that should mean there is less galvanic potential (battery effect) between them, which translates into less probability of galvanic corrosion. They always said if the materials are more that 3 apart on the galvanic scale, then theirs a reasonable galvanic potential that could cause damage. We used sacrificial zinc anodes on steel floodgates to protect the steel. The zinc anodes had to be replaced about every 5 years and zinc and mild steel are 3 apart on the scale. so while I'm not doubting your findings, there something more to this than I comprehend at the moment!
  15. oliver2-44

    Carb replacement

    There is a wide open throttle stop as part of the linkage that is adjusted to set Max RPM. While you may not have changed it, your new carb and corresponding linkage hookup might just be slightly different enough that this max rpm limiter needs to be checked. The carb mounting bolt holes are slotted, so if your new carb is shifted slightly different than exactly where the old one sat, that could be enough of a difference. Sorry I don't have a good diagram to point to, so maybe one of the othe guys will jump in here with a better description or diagram.