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    1984 John Deere 116 bought 1 year old and now retired
    Oliver 2-44 Backhoe/Loader (mid-late 60's model
    1985 Wheelhorse 312-8
    1979 wheelhorse C-161 - future project, needs engine overhaul, piston partially disintegrated
    1965 CASE 180, 1st year they sold a Garden Tractor
    2003 John Deere LT155 - my mower tractor
    1960 Suburban 400 - sandblasted, primed, in a parts pile
    1961 Suburban 550 - sandblasted, primed, in a parts pile
    196? Suburban ?? - whatever the left over parts pile makes
    1974 C-160 Auto - My worker tractor
    1974 C-81, a future project
    1967 Panzer T-75, needs engine overhaul
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    1974 C-160

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    Marble Falls, Tx
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    Dam & Hydro Maintenance Supt
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    Wheelhorse's, and all other color Garden Tractors!
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    Spending time on lake LBJ
    Deer Hunting
    Wood Working
    My Grand Kids

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  1. oliver2-44

    Holiday Sale Time Again

    Thank you for your wonderful support of this crazy addicting thing we call a Hobby. I'll be getting my order together
  2. oliver2-44

    Prayers please

    Emory and your family are in our prayers. May the Holy Spirit, send his healing love to Emory in Jesus Christ name , amen
  3. oliver2-44

    Hi from Norway

    Great looking candidate to get running. The 954-1054' tractors are some of my favorite tractors
  4. oliver2-44

    They say Kiotis are hard on the Deere...

    Very Nice, time to make sausage and back strap.
  5. oliver2-44

    Steering wheel removal

    I've seen that advertised too, but never figured out how it worked. I ended up pulling the dash with the steering wheel on my 312-8. Even off i never got the pin out. If you use a bearing sitter as pictured above make sure it is grabbing on the bottom of steel hub center of the steering wheel verses the plastic part of the wheel. I have a C-120 that had a broken wheen when I got it. I JB epoxy welded it back together and uses a stainless bolt and nylock nut instead of a roll pin to put it back on.
  6. oliver2-44


    1st 2nd we love pictures Post some pictures of the tractor. As Achto said, especially the hood mounting and the carb and the air cleaner you have. i too am learning there are multiple air cleaner options.
  7. oliver2-44

    Wheel Horse 854 w/ Danco Loader

    Cool Project. I'll be following along
  8. oliver2-44

    C-160 owner new member

    I have a C-160 Auto and it is a beast of a worker
  9. oliver2-44

    Just never know.

    God Bless, you are a giant of a man for offering kindness to her
  10. Thanks @CasualObserver, you are correct. iIhaven't dealt with any of the smaller k series engines and forget about the k141 when I go through the size numbers in my head.
  11. oliver2-44


    I picked these up from a vendor at our recent local tractor show. They look like they could have gone on a kids wagon or a pedal tractor. Has anyone seen these before. They may not be Wheelhorse, but there in the neighborhood
  12. oliver2-44

    704 Rebuild

    One way to cleanup all those rims is an Electrolysis tank. (google E-Tank) Very simple and will remove rust and paint. I put my part in, remove and clean the loose paint one a day with a stiff bristle brush. In about 3 days parts ready for a final bristle brush scrubbing and done, with very minimal labor.
  13. Thanks for that heads up @stevasaurus, this is my first k161,k181 and I wasn't sure if they had ACR or not. I just realized in the photo of these engines sitting side by side that one was right hand pull and the other left hand pull. Also, i,m speculating that both these engines were used for some fixed task, such as an irrigation pump or something. In the photo below, just below the carb is what I'm thinking is some type of throttle/fuel shut off device. Anyone familiar with how this device worked?
  14. Well, the Garage Sale pricing was make a pile and an offer, which was excellent, as the Saturday evening hunting part of the trip yielded very little to even watch. So I ended up with some good items to put in the parts shed for future needs I’ll go through thes and post a list to see if anyone can use these parts. These K161 and K181 both rotate nicely but don’t seem to have much compression, good pull starters. The bluish one has an aluminum gas tank, so no rust or holes. These two 8 speed transaxle were the only WH stuff around. They have 1” axles, they both shift into all gears so should be good for some parts I passed on the Eaton Auto pictured above. But I still would be interested if it is a 700 or 1100 so I learn the differance