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  1. My 36" tiller developed a leak last year out of the left seal. I want to split the case and replace the seal. I obviously will need the gasket for the two sides as well. Is there anything special that I need to watch when splitting the tiller?
  2. Mr. Foxxx

    Wheel Horse Trailer

    Changed Status to Closed
  3. Mr. Foxxx

    Wheel Horse Trailer

    Wheel Horse trailer. Works good, one new tire, one original.
  4. Mr. Foxxx

    Wheel Horse Snowblower

    Good condition snowblower. I've used it on my c-120 the past three years. Comes with brand new belt.
  5. Mr. Foxxx

    Wheel Horse B-80 with snowplow

    Good running B-80 with a nice snowplow. Runs good, comes with full set of chains. May separate.
  6. My dad has a c195 twin auto that just developed this issue. He pulled his wood splitter out of the barn and everything worked fine. When he was done splitting wood the tractor hydrostat would not operate. All lift functions still work correctly. When you jack the rearend up, each wheel will spin freely when you turn it. There is no resistance when turning the wheel. Also when turning, the other wheel does not turn. The shaft that the brake is on does turn however. If you hold the brake shaft and turn a wheel, the opposite wheel will spin opposite of the wheel that you are turning. Dads kinda at a loss as what to do. I told him I would ask on here and see if anyone had some suggestions.
  7. Mr. Foxxx

    Plowing with the C-120

    Couldn't wait to try out my C-120 that I picked up yesterday, so I hooked the plow up I got with it and went to the garden. Conditions were marginble at best, but I didn't care, had a smile on my face the whole time. Tractor and plow both worked great. Mounted the snowblower this afternoon so I'm ready for snow now.
  8. Mr. Foxxx

    Had a good haul today

    It was a unique experience overall. The add had been on Craigslist for over a week when I called. No where in the add did it mention that these were Wheel Horse. The add title only said farm equipment. Click on the add and there were pictures of the equipment, but still no mention of Wheel Horse. The other thing that was unique, was that the gentelman was deaf. When calling him on the phone an interpreter through a video screen would sign him my talking, and then they would relay back what he would sign. During the pickup through hand signals and him reading my lips we were able to communicate quite easily. He made sure I knew how everything worked, and gave me a big hug when I was ready to leave. From what I could gather he may have owned these since new, and I could tell he was genuinly happy to see it going to a good home.
  9. Mr. Foxxx

    Had a good haul today

    Forgot to mention brand new front tires. Seller couldn't have been a nicer gentleman. I could tell he really cared about his equipment.
  10. Mr. Foxxx

    Had a good haul today

    Followed up on a craigslist post today and came home very happy! Here's the haul, C-120 with near perfect 42" deck, 42" snowplow, snowblower, and rear moldboard plow. Everything is in really nice shape, even got all the manuals. All for the tidy sum of $400.