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  1. 1940willys

    Vintage Trucks

    You know dam well that the time to buy it is when you see it. A guy I worked with bought a scout maybe 72/74ish, said it was a 4 cylinder. On lunch break I went out there to take a look at it. He pops the hood and there was something that blew my mind. Thought I was seeing things! There was a 8 cylinder block in that thing with only one bank of the block machined and had a cylinder head on it. The other side was as cast. I always wondered if the crank and other internals were for a eight cylinder. Sorry, I don't recall what it's CID it was. He said it always run good it just rusted away like they all do here in Western N.Y.s winters. Hey, let me know how ya make out!
  2. 1940willys

    Vintage Trucks

    My girlfriends chyropracter has a Puch . It peddles like a bicycle and can be powered up and ridden like a motorcycle. We call them mopeds. And she just told me this after comming back from her last appointment the other day! We've had some unusually warm weather and He rode it to the office. Thats why the subject was brought up!
  3. 1940willys

    Engine oil

    Even the diesel oils don't have the ZDDP additives in the quantities that they did 6 years ago. I'll run Penzoil 30wt with some Rizolon in the summer and a Penzoil 10w 30 and a splash Rizolon in the cold winter.
  4. 1940willys

    Spindle Blade Cone Washers

    Split one of the cone washers pictured from a 36 / 38 rear discharge deck. looking to get 2 or 3 more I can also be reached @ mphorozko@gmail.com
  5. 1940willys

    Vintage Trucks

    Here's one of my Hot Rodded Trucks. 1949 kb1 International. There's a 302cid under the Hood. Oh. that murel behind the truck was at a service station for many years is now painted over, sad.
  6. 1940willys

    How do I order more of these clips?

    Aah, those clips..... ya blow out your finger nail or cut yourself trying to remove them. Or work around them for that matter! Ya think they'd have some sort of rubberized protection for the wires that run through them to prevent shorts! Anybody find a better option?
  7. 1940willys

    Good evening from Arkansas

    I too have the same machines, B80 and a C101. They both have Rear Discharge mowers on them. I let my daughter borrow the C unit for her place 60 miles away. The C is in rougher shape than the B but I have restored/ made usable. It has preformed well so far this summer.
  8. 1940willys

    C101 Mysterious Part

    Chris G, yep there it is, that's it, the mysterious part. Now I know what it is and what it's used for! Thanx to everyone who replied!
  9. 1940willys

    C101 Mysterious Part

    Sounds feesable, I've never used any rear mounted attachments or seen any mounted in person. I know that old cubs raise and lower rear mount implements using heavy rods and leavers. Perhaps someone has a exploded diagram, as the link above does not work.
  10. 1940willys

    C101 Mysterious Part

    Ok, so I've got this C101 Machine I'm making work worthy for my Daughter. Under the seat bracket, fenders, and gas tank, mounted to the top of the transmission is this mysterious tube like arrangement. It's mounted to the top of the tranny, maybe 10" long and flaired on one end. It goes nowhere! I thought perhaps it needed a rubber hose attached to one end and went to a nipple for venting the tranny. I see no nipple on the tranny for a vent hose. Can someone please tell me what this is and what it does? Sorry, I have no picture of it at this point. It would be GREAT if maybe someone has a exploded diagraham of this assembly!
  11. 1940willys

    Heard from Glen Pettit

    Thanx, for this responce, get well soon, God Bless us all!
  12. 1940willys

    42" deck belts all the same ???

    I just went through this this week. No ID Tag on my rear discharge 42'. True Blue Belt # 248089 is what I bought and fits. I think the Wheel Horse Belt number is 106125. It is important that the idler pulley bar and spring slide and move freely.
  13. 1940willys

    My Restored 101C

    ya, Very nice C101 You should be proud of your restoration work!
  14. 1940willys

    Underside mower deck protection

    Post the transmission Question in the Transmission threads for more info on that Question. My guess is Transmission experts reside there.
  15. 1940willys

    Reconditioning mowing deck

    Cup wire wheel and putty knife off all the crud/ matted grass. Prime, rustolium rusty metal primer, recoat rustolium regal red. Every year at the end of the season.