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  1. Al C.

    Mill Hall Wheel Horse

    Chev0545, I enjoy seeing the equipment you restore. It looks like really nice work! I grew up in St. Mary’s. There were a lot of Wheel Horses in western Pa.
  2. Several times a week I pan Craig’s List to see the condition of Wheel Horses coming onto the market. Consistently there are nice looking tractors and attachment showing up in the small town area of Mill Hall, Pennsylvania. I’ve always been curious about the volume of these ads and the apparent “quality” condition of the equipment. Does anyone know if there was a high volume dealer in this area in the past or a hobbyist who specializes in Wheel Horse equipment? Just curious.
  3. Al C.

    WH 516-H

    First gear on the eight-speed works great! Load it up with as much weight as you can ... it will handle it!
  4. Al C.

    Transmission Oil

    Steve, I really appreciate this! I get the tool you improvised for pulling the hub. Help me with the tool in the lower left of the picture. What do you use it for? (First-timer, here!)
  5. Al C.

    Transmission Oil

    Thanks much !!! Really appreciate it. I know the hubs are going to be a challenge. They come foward only half their depth. The key slot on each hub is worn to a size twice the width of the key. So I may use this as an opportunity to replace the hubs. The newer hubs have two set screws which I image will secure them more tightly and prevent wear. Probably won’t start this project for a couple weeks, but will post pics when I get underway. Thanks again!
  6. Al C.

    Transmission Oil

    I appreciate everyone’s response. The seals are original. Where can I find information on how to replace them? I’ve taken apart and refurbished almost every part of the tractor, but I’ve never worked on the transmission. It’s a “black box” to me. Do I need to have it done by a professional mechanic?
  7. This year I changed the brand of oil I’m using in my Wheel Horse 1067 8 - speed transmission. I have started getting small leaks around the rear axle seals - about a teaspoon of oil a month. Can it be related to the new brand of oil? I had formerly used Coastal and Lucas SAE 80W-90 Gear Oil with no problem. This year I’m using Traveller SAE 85W-140. Any thoughts?
  8. Al C.

    Today’s project

    The pit is built with two galvanized steel joining rings for culvert drainage pipe. The smaller ring is 36 inches in diameter. The larger ring is 48 inches. I’m going to fill the void between them with old brick and gravel (topped off with gravel). The outside of the pit will always stay “cool”. The floor of the pit is two sheets of galvanized ducting steel riveted together and cut round. Will look like this when done ...
  9. Al C.

    Today’s project

    Hauling brick for a new fire pit - no sweat! (1967 Wheel Horse 1067.)
  10. Al C.

    520 xi deck 52" assembly questions

    Great experience for the young guy. Gives him something to work on besides video games and social media. Builds character!
  11. Al C.

    Side Shot Saturday !!

  12. Al C.

    Side Shot Saturday !!

  13. Al C.

    Seat Support Repair

    I broke the seat support last year on my 1982 SK-486. The repair was pretty straight forward and it is better than new now. This link might give you some ideas. Good Luck!!
  14. Al C.

    Wheel horse C-175 from grandfather.

    What a machine! Maintain it and continue the legacy. It will last longer than most of us. That's what many of these machines are all about.
  15. Al C.

    K341 Labors Under Load when Cold

    Thank you for your responses. I’m glad to hear this is not likely a problem. The suggestion of simply letting the engine warm up is my preference. I can usually spare 3 to 5 minutes after starting it. Again, thanks for taking the time to share your opinions.