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  1. Gentlemen, I want to thank you ALL for your input! What I found was that I had applied some Vasoline to the terminals to keep moisture out and some must have gotten between the cable and battery post. Cleaned it with some light sand paper and all-is well... Thanks Again
  2. I will check the battery under load later today. The decal from under the seat indicates: Model 2110K806 - - S/N 35796 What I find strange, is that after I put in the 'new' Everstart battery, the tractor started right up - - just last week! My suspicion is that the starter is at fault, but I don't know how to check that? I am a "jack of all trades, master of none" so following wiring diagrams for diagnosis, is not my strong suit. The reason I have been jumping the tractor to start it, is I worked with a gentleman on this site in trying to replace the PTO safety switch with new parts; after two attempts at buying new parts, I could not get it to work, so I was relegated to jumping. Is there anything that jumping might have caused a problem with? Also, is there another method to start the tractor besides jumping the solenoid?
  3. 1989 Wheel Horse 310-8 machine w/ Kohler engine... I have been jump starting this beast for a year now; I just replaced the battery and it was running fine last week. Went to jump start it today and I get a small spark at the solenoid, but nothing else - - Where do I go from here? I connected a multimeter and checked battery voltage and voltage at the solenoid, reads normal, yet when I place a screwdriver across the solenoid terminals, I just get a small spark, nothing else.
  4. I don't know what the charges will be as yet, in that, I need to get the part to them. They picked up my tractor for $60; I assume the basic diagnosis was another $60 and I am npo further than when I gave them the tractor... Also, they can't seem to tell me how to fix the PTO clutch "safety switch"; I replace the finger switches twice but couldn't get it to work, so I am jump-starting the tractor - - any suggestions?
  5. Vincez

    Wheel Horse 310-8 PARTS WANTED...

    Please provide pricing, including shipping for: - KOHLER Carburetor Assembly (Wheel Horse Part Number - KH10276 // Vendor Part Number - 47 053 04) - Kohler Fuel Pump Assy. (Wheel Horse Part Number - KH10319 // Vendor Part Number - 47 559 04) - Fuel Line(s) - (Wheel Horse Part Number - KH10130 // Vendor Part Number - X-174-2) - PTO Safety Switch Module
  6. Took my Wheel Horse 310-8 tractor in for service to the local Toro distributor who used to service Wheel Horse. They told me that I was going to need the following parts, yet, these parts are discontinued. Is there some place I can buy them new, used, or re-manufactured??? (1) KOHLER Carburetor Assembly (Wheel Horse Part Number - KH10276 // Vendor Part Number - 47 053 04) (2) Kohler Fuel Pump Assy. (Wheel Horse Part Number - KH10319 // Vendor Part Number - 47 559 04) (3) Fuel Line(s) - (Wheel Horse Part Number - KH10130 // Vendor Part Number - X-174-2) (4) PTO Safety Switch Module
  7. I live in Connecticut and would like to find someone who can service my 1989 Wheel Horse 310-8 tractor? Basically, I want someone to go through the machine, clean or rebuild the carburetor, fix a disable switch, and keep it running for another 20 years. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I might find such a person or shop? The local Toro distributor is way too expensive for the work he does...
  8. Is there another place to look besides a Toro Dealer? They want $33 for a part that can be made for $10....
  9. Hello GRNLARK...


    I am looking for a "U" shaped latch elbow which connects the grass shoot on the bagger unit to the side discharge mower deck?  It has a cotter pin going thru it to secure it to the mower deck.  Do you have anything like this or know where I might find one?


    Fellow CT person

  10. Vincez

    Side Discharge bagger "Elbow Latch"

    This "U'" shaped metal clamp connects the grass discharge to the mower deck. It has a small hole in it to accommodate a cotter pin, so it locks securely..
  11. Trying to locate an "Elbow Latch" to connect the discharge shoot to the mower deck. The original one was a "U" shaped metal part with a cotter pin going thru it it which secures the plastic shoot to the mower deck. Can anyone help me find this part and/or part number?
  12. I am looking to purchase the following items for a 1989 Wheel Horse 310-8 - (2) Mower Deck wheels 6x1.75 - Original Part number - 110506 - (1) Side Discharge (42") Spindle Belt to drive blades - Original Part number - 1594
  13. I am looking to buy (2) wheels for my Wheel Horse 310-8 (1989) tractor. The original Wheel Horse part number is: 110506 Also, looking for a belt for a Side Discharge mower deck (42") The original Wheel Horse part number is: 1594 Please provide pricing an shipping cost to: Zip - 06611
  14. I do have an ohm meter. I have gone back and fourth with JackHammer prior to winter. I replaced the (2) switches and replaced the solenoid. The machine runs fine if I jump start, but the minute I put the PTO switch connections in place, I get nothing from using the key. Also, checked the key switch.
  15. Mowing season is here again and I still can't get the PTO cut-out switches to work. I replaced the solenoid per my last discussion. I am currently having to start the engine by jumping it... starts every time, However, I would like to solve the PTO switch issue? Any new thoughts?