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    1978 C-101/161 16hp Kohler engine with 2x 42" side exit decks.
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  1. Horse46


    I love that, pure class! Thankfully I am, and my C161 is my favourite and my only horse, so it has no competition. But I do like the look of the early model with the narrower bottom to the front.
  2. Horse46

    C161 parts diagram

    Toro Parts Viewer has some exploded pics that may help. I'm sure if you go to the manual section on here there will be something.
  3. Horse46

    Can you guess what it is?

    @Digger 66 I like it, a different perspective. Maybe a pig eating a chilli
  4. Horse46

    Can you guess what it is?

    Ok you'll make detective, however to be picky you should have noted the freshly cut grass mown by the owner of said shadow. 953 nut you are the man!
  5. Horse46

    Can you guess what it is?

    I wasn't expecting you lot to be so playful, I feel I should have some exciting reply now!
  6. Horse46

    2017 Calendar submissions

    Sunset was nice tonight so I took a snap of the old Horse .
  7. Dennis I would love to give this a try, do you mean solder as in whats used to solder copper pipes?
  8. The top one looks more like a vintage sports car seat, and would be my choice as my now lives under cover, the other one looks ok I guess, but surely the ribbed one is designed to drain the water away?
  9. Horse46

    C141 vs 121-6

    Keep the C-141 no brainer. I have a ride on mower with vertical shaft and a C-161 with a side exit deck, the C series gives me pleasure, the vertical shaft is a perch to cut the grass from, no soul I think they call it.
  10. Horse46

    iPhone photo App

    Hey they'er cool, I like the gallery one.
  11. Horse46

    iPhone photo App

    Ah yer right, I didn't think of that, however the subject matter wasn't editable, I was thinking green issue as in gardening?
  12. Horse46

    1970 GT14 Resto

    Hey BRG nice resto, I missed this one somehow, looks real nice.
  13. Tried this app the other day, I thought the result was quite pleasing.