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  1. kto434

    Keep fighting or sell?

    Why not just convert to simple vacuum-operated pump? Easy to install and inexpensive.
  2. 310-8 carcass as shown except 42-inch SD mower deck and mule drive, $100 OBO (lotsa nice parts including tranny, frame, etc.) 42-inch SD mower deck, $100 OBO (has been repaired, but mows nice, is quiet, excellent tool) not shown is a Tecumseh HH100 motor from a Charger. It is complete and includes starter. It runs, but needs repair and more TLC than I can give. I can send pics if you are interested in the motor. Asking $50 for the motor OBO. all items must be picked up in Lewisburg, OH (no holds for pickup in Lewisburg). I plan to attend the Fall swap meet in Portland, Indiana in October and can bring the Tecumseh motor and/or mule drive there, if that helps you. Feel free to make offers. I need the stuff gone. Thanks! Bert
  3. Nice, virtually mint, older style 3-prong key switch (I - B - S). Came off Charger with Kohler K-series 10hp motor with starter/generator. Payment cash, check, or PayPal. Subject to sale on eBay. Thanks.
  4. kto434

    Kohler K-series 10hp

    This is a decent motor and includes a just rebuilt starter/generator with a new voltage regulator, and new s/g belt. The motor was on my Charger. It accelerates/decelerates smoothly and runs smooth at all throttle settings. It smokes intermittently at full throttle under load and needs some TLC beyond what I can give it (maybe new head gasket, valve work, new piston rings). Pick up in Lewisburg, OH required. I will not hold it for pickup, although I plan to attend the Fall tractor swap meet in Portland, Indiana in October and can deliver it there (no charge), if that helps. Feel free to make offer. I would like to move this along and out of my garage. Thanks, Bert
  5. kto434

    Charger 9 repower

    I got a nice shape Charger 9 this summer. The original Techy crapped out then its Kohler k241 replacement started crapping out. I found a nice running 310-8 and decided to repower the Charger 9 with its Kohler M10 (shown in pics). I still need to connect choke and throttle cable, connect fuel line, new air filter, clean it up, and do some minor wiring, but should work great! Thanks to everyone who helped me with advice and sharing experiences/ideas—all extremely helpful.
  6. kto434


    Turned out to be all noise as the seller stopped responding so will move on and keep looking.
  7. kto434


    I appreciate all thoughts/comments, no offense taken at all. I see your points and maybe it makes sense for me to keep looking. The thing I like about the 520HC is it is close and cheap, and I prefer hydro over gear drive. The hydraulic lift I could keep. I just like simple is all and (to me) manual lift is simpler than hydraulic lift. I would never use a 60-inch deck—too big and cumbersome for me. I would run my 42-inch rear discharge deck. For me, ithe tractor would be a tool only, not a collector’s piece. I am good at working on single cylinder Kohlers, but have mostly heard horror stories about Onans around here—very expensive to repair, parts difficult to get, and none of our local shops will work on them (three strikes against them). I would rather sell the Onan to someone who can use it/appreciate it and buy something I can work on. Thanks for the info and suggestions. I will report back and keep you in the loop.
  8. kto434


    Can someone please educate me a little on the 520HC. I noticed in the literature the 520HC has a longer wheelbase than the 520H. Is that because the 520HC uses a forward swept axle and that vintage 520H used a straight axle? Or is the 520HC frame actually longer than the 520H? I am looking at a non-running, but complete 520HC with a blown motor, thinking I will scrap the Onan and repower with a single cylinder Kohler (12, 14, or 16hp). Also, is it possible to replace the hydraulic lift with manual lift on a 520HC? The tractor has an Eaton 1100 tranny. How tough is it to use that tranny without hydraulic lift? Finally, did the 520HC use gear reduction steering? Thanks!
  9. kto434


    Hi guys! Thanks for your suggestions and reference materials. Can you please look at my schematic and let me know if it will work—I am hoping I have learned something from all the help. The advice to add a solenoid in the starting circuit makes sense. I really hate to get a new switch and would like to use what I have to keep it as original as possible. Thanks.
  10. kto434


    It appears either the regulator, the starter/generator, or both are failing as I get very erratic voltage readings on my multimeter from regulator B terminal with tractor running. I assume the coil gets its charge from the battery so unless the battery is charging while running the tractor will eventually lose spark (please confirm). Thanks.
  11. I tightened the belt a little as recommended and sure enough the belt now stays put—am very pleased with it. I mowed with it for about 15 minutes without any trouble. Before, the belt was slipping off within the first minute or two. So I think the problem is fixed for now—thanks!
  12. OK, thanks guys. It’s been raining on/off here today so I have not been able to get outside to work on it yet. I will check the belt tension, adjust as needed, try out (as weather permits) , and report. Thanks again for all the help!
  13. Thanks so much for the additional info and ideas--very helpful to me. At least one of my problems, based on your comments, is I have the belt "too loose" as the vertical plate has jumped out of the cam roller (I have actually seen that happen in operation). The other thing that seems not-quite-right (to me) is the mule pulley, as I have also seen the belt slide off the mule pulley in operation--I mean the pulley that is attached to the vertical plate and is mounted at an angle to the vertical plate. The belt has slid off the mule pulley where shown in the attached pic (I have seen it happen in operation for no apparent reason--obviously there is a reason, I just cannot figure it out). I will try to make adjustments here/there using all the info shared before scraping the set up for something else (maybe another side mount set up per your ideas or the newer style front mount set up). Thanks again for all the help/suggestions/comments/info. I appreciate all!
  14. Pics from manual. All parts shown in above pics are OEM parts.