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  1. sirman


    First plow wow this thing is amazing never experienced plowing quite like that very fast with higher gear ratio
  2. sirman


    Well thank you but I'm not looking for one I already have one just got it seems really nice only needs a few repairs love ours runs good and sounds great
  3. sirman


    I wonder how many of these were made any ideas
  4. sirman

    1987 418-C

    When I don't know if anybody is online but I also was very lucky and surprised to purchase a 418 C just got it absolutely love it I am amazed and it is an awesome machine only a few repairs are needed still looking for information I did not know that they only made those in one year that's pretty cool very rare tractor mine came with a Taylor excellent shape the snow cab excellent shape a snowblower not so good and the mowing deck not so good still very happy need to put a key switch in it and straighten up some wires
  5. hi I have a 418-C an 80's model no tags except on engine what year did they makethec in

  6. sirman

    314 or 416

    how much for your 314 and implements
  7. sirman

    cab sold

    hi do you still have it
  8. hi can you post pics  condition of c 160  what does it come with thanks