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  1. midpack

    my late dad

    Thanks for sharing! My dad has been gone for 32 years and I still miss him everyday
  2. midpack

    Other brand pictures.

    Sweet! I love driving it around, but at 6'2", it's a little cramped.... lol (and that's not a "slim" 6'2" either...)
  3. midpack

    Other brand pictures.

    the tiller is packed in the shed... sorry, no pics. I don't know about the wheel. that's just how I got it. they only made that style grill for 2 years with the Copar and Panzer words cast like they are, one year was red, the other blue
  4. midpack

    Other brand pictures.

    OOO, I can be the first with a Panzer! It's a 1959 T65 and I have the deck, plow, rototiller, and snowthrower attachments :) I do have the original engine (8hp Kohler) but the PO said it smokes so he put a Tecky in it.
  5. midpack

    just purchased a 1999 314-8

    I don't think the 6" and 8" wheels are interchangeable. I have 312 spindles and was going to try one on my 417 (think PO may have bent one), but the 417 is a shorter distance to the bend
  6. midpack

    Guess it’s not cold enough yet!

    Yikes... you're pretty close to my camp... hope the old shack holds up
  7. midpack

    417-A Steering trouble

    What gwest_ca said. My 417-8 did the same thing (jumping teeth) when I got it. I added a washer to take up some of the play between the teeth and no more issues!
  8. midpack

    Poor old C-175...

    yeah, that one on it has got to go! thanks
  9. midpack

    Plow frame pivot lubrication?

    I just use light oil, whatever is in my squirt can (5-30) or WD-40 spray to get in deeper. 2/3 times a year maybe. there may be better alternatives, but this is what works for me
  10. midpack

    Poor old C-175...

    I thought that was kind of odd when I took the deck off to get it in my truck... Plus it weighs a ton!
  11. midpack

    Poor old C-175...

    Brought this one home on the cheep yesterday, I know it's a Series I, but it runs like a top (once it's warm, hoping it's just carb) and I think it will clean up nicely! not sure, but I think that's a 48" deck underneath
  12. no, you need a rear axle bracket to use a plow,
  13. midpack

    Rear hub making

  14. midpack


    Have one just like it! 3 hubcaps and all... IIRC, that particular model is a "one year" only with the electric lift and hood louvers. I like the electric lift so much i found a complete setup and put it on my C machine
  15. midpack


    I get them every year here. remember them from when I was a kid too!