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  1. no, you need a rear axle bracket to use a plow,
  2. midpack

    Rear hub making

  3. midpack


    Have one just like it! 3 hubcaps and all... IIRC, that particular model is a "one year" only with the electric lift and hood louvers. I like the electric lift so much i found a complete setup and put it on my C machine
  4. midpack


    I get them every year here. remember them from when I was a kid too!
  5. midpack


    is it the one in New Haven? if it's a hydro, check to see if the oil filter sticks out the back or to the side. if it's an Eaton unit (preferred) the filter should be toward the rear, if it's a Sundstrand, it should point toward the right side of the tractor.
  6. I have a chainfall hanging from the rafters in my garage that was my Dads' I have used it to pull engine/tranny combos out of automobiles... my rafters are 2x6's and I have a 4x4 sitting across several of them that the hoist hangs from to take up weight.
  7. midpack


    No muffler, rear PTO belt guard and belt is missing. Check for the Pullies and bracket to drive the leaf sucker... should be behind the right rear wheel
  8. midpack


    That's a series 1 kt17
  9. midpack

    New to tractors . Need advice

    I agree on 2 machines. when it's wet the blade works best. I had cabs on both machines last year but was thinking of only doing the plow. when a snow storm turns to rain it's nice to have a roof overhead
  10. midpack

    I need local help

    I've done the 8" fronts, They were a bear... about the only advice I could give you is to use soapy water on the bead.
  11. midpack

    How are you doing?

    Lot's of rain here today (Big E weather...) but it's supposed to move through quickly and be nice by tomorrow
  12. midpack

    Ran out of oil!

    I used a Magnum for a swap on one of mine. make sure you change the key switch if you do
  13. midpack

    Ran out of oil!

    yeah... sounds like you lost a rod. sorry. Been there, done that
  14. midpack

    New to the WH obsession

    I have a 417-8, It should have an electric lift. I like it so much I looked for another electric setup to put on my other machine!
  15. I use a rear discharge with a tow behind sweeper all the time now. makes the yard look very nice not sure it would solve a "too tall grass" problem though. After I got home from vacation (3 weeks between cuts) I just cut it extra tall with S/D, let the clippings dry a little and cut it again 2 days later... SWMBO thought I was nuts... lol