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  1. CletisNester

    mid mount grader

    I have a mid-mount grader for my WH Model 1-7235 Charge Electro 12. If you will tell me what measurements you are looking for, I will drag the thing out of my shop loft, take measurements and send you some pictures.
  2. I have a Wheel Horse, Charger Electro 12, Model 1-7235. The owners manual lists a 50 inch, Model 7-1311 Sickle bar mower as an accessory. In "Red Square" there are some sickle bar mowers listed for sale, but none are Model 7-1311. Does anyone have a cross reference list or other information that would tell me which other sickle Bar mowers will fit? I would very much appreciate feedback from anyone in the Forum that has information on which models will work. Thank You. Cletis M. Nester ncletis@yahoo.com 276-733-1938
  3. CletisNester

    Sickle Bar Mower, Wheelhorse

    Looking for a Wheel Horse Sickle Bar mower to fit a Model Electro 12 Model 1-7245 Wheel Horse Lawn & Garden Tractor,. Information I have is a Side Mounted Sickle, Model SML-506 (Formerly SMS-506 would work. Any feedback would be much appreciated.
  4. CletisNester

    Wheel Horse Sickle Bar Mower

    I am looking for a Model 7-1311 Wheel Horse Sickle Bar Mower. I intend to use it on a Charge 12 Electro Wheel Horse, If anyone has one or knows the location of one, I would be very interested in hearing from you. Thank You Cletis M. Nester ncletis@yahoo.com