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  1. motor12

    Kohler gas cap

    Here is a picture of a Kohler gas cap that was on one of my K91 engines. I have not seen one like this before, is it common or rare.
  2. motor12

    Another Kohler K91 restoration

    I kinda figured it was a snow blower or rototiller, thanks for the info..
  3. motor12

    Another Kohler K91 restoration

    Can't get enough of the Little Kohler 4 hp motors. This time I wanted to do something a bit different. The motor in the pictures is a Kohler K91RT. As you can see its a geared drive unit. It did not run when I got it, there were many reasons why. One thing I thought was funny, as I took the carb apart for cleaning I discovered the float was missing in action. Replaced, refurbished, polished and painted this little gem, she started on the third pull and runs like a top. Enjoy the pictures.
  4. motor12

    Oil bath air cleaner question

    Thanks guys, think the stainless steel scrubbing balls will work the best for this application. I stretched and pulled on one to see if any small bits would come off and they didn't. After coated in 40 wt. oil the should work fine.
  5. Does anyone have a cut away drawing of the (Eaton SAF-T-VUE) oil bath air cleaner used on some 60s/70s Kohler K90/91 engines. I have one that is missing the mesh that is coated in oil. Also what substitute material can be used as I am sure any OEM stuff is no where to be found. Any good pictures would help also thanks.
  6. motor12

    Kohler K91T showin' off

    Thanks for the kudos guys. These little motors are simple and a blast to work on, its only seems fair to give them a second shot. Parts are getting harder to find every day.
  7. motor12

    Kohler K91T showin' off

    I went through this little motor(k91t) replacing all gaskets, seals, head bolts, rings, bearings. rebuilt carb, new plug wire & plug new gas filter bowl assembly. the cylinder was in good shape only needed a cleaning and honing for new rings. The gas tank was cleaned and sealed, has small dent on top , adds character. The hardest thing was rebuilding the recoil pull start, you need three hands. It was my third Kohler K90/91 project. The serial number indicates its a 1974 production run. Enjoy the photos..
  8. motor12

    Flywheel removal?

    I use the pneumatic chisel method, it has never failed me. the end of the crank that is threaded has a small indentation, use an old chisel grind it until it fits the hole perfectly. then put the nut on to protect the threads. put a small pry bar between the plate and flywheel, a second set of hands is nice. apply a light pressure to the pry bar then pull the trigger on the chisel, small burst at a time and the fly wheel will come off without damaging a thing. good luck.
  9. Thanks Jay, sent you a PM.
  10. Thanks pfrederi, that's the diagram. JPWH if you have the parts that's great or just give me the dimensions (trace the part) and I will make a set. That's what I love about this forum, members always ready to help.
  11. Trying to round up parts to install an RM324 mower deck on an 854. What I need is listed on the parts list as #55 part no.4495 Assy. link & pin also #54 part#3545 rod. What would work is if someone had a photo of the parts and measurements then I could make the parts. Thanks.
  12. do you still have the mower deck, do you know the size. I am in Pflugerville, just east of you could pick up Wednesday the 18th if that's ok. thanks 

  13. Made and installed a back rest on my 854.
  14. motor12

    854 question

    Thanks everyone for the photos, much appreciated.
  15. motor12

    854 question

    Thanks, I have parts of a back rest and needed another project. hopefully someone has a photo.