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  1. Live4outdoors

    953 front rims and steering wheel

    I'm in search for a set of 953 front rims and a steering wheel, I have the later 953 with updated steering system. Thanks for all and any help!
  2. Live4outdoors

    Parting out 702 and ranger rollers

    Sorry just logged on and home myself, not sure why it didn't email me, will check back I sent PM with phone number
  3. Live4outdoors

    876 older restore have new seat and decals

    Changed Status to Closed
  4. Live4outdoors

    953 steering wheel

    I'm not sure which should be on it, thank you. I think either one as long as they fit the shaft should work. Any insight on how to tell which model I should be looking for? Thanks for info did not know there were two
  5. Live4outdoors

    953 steering wheel

    Looking for a steering wheel for my 953 and a throttle cable as well. Thank you for looking
  6. Wow, you even went all out and put a tonka truck decal on there, my son would love this! Great job!
  7. Live4outdoors

    Let's go to the BIG Show!

    Finally packed, have a service call in the AM then I'll be off, kids are chomping at the bit!
  8. Live4outdoors

    Blade/Plow for Wheel Horse 310-8

    Biggs, I'm so sorry, work went crazy and I left my phone number so you would contact me just logged back in and saw two messages on the forum, I just sent a personal message asking if you still want them cause if not was going to take to the show and sell, I will call you tomorrow, thanks.
  9. Live4outdoors

    Blade/Plow for Wheel Horse 310-8

    Biggs happy Memorial Day to you as well yes I'm fine with that price if you are. I don't know of any trailers for sale just acquired s 7x12 used myself but searched long and hard, watch Craigslist seen good deals on smaller units there, I had to have a 12 footer, overall happy with it. Also if you don't need heavy payload lowes and TSC have pretty good deals on new trailers from time to time talk with you soon, Brian 717-572-1527
  10. Live4outdoors

    Blade/Plow for Wheel Horse 310-8

    Biggs, yes the blower should fit on, the bar was lengthened to fit a long frame, its someone's rigging but it works, unfortunately the flag is missing but a vendor on here makes them and post a wanted ad, I think you will find one. I'm not home this weekend but can be next week, bring your tractor along and can show you how this stuff mounts. The flag hooks the lift bar with the blower to your tractors lift arm
  11. Live4outdoors

    Blade/Plow for Wheel Horse 310-8

    Biggs sent you PM with picks of blower, eds a great guy and sounds like he's got a blade, my blower is an older short frame 36" for the 8-10hp tractors a guy welded an arm on and extension on mounting pole to fit his 300 series, for $50 could be an experiment, I hate to scrap the thing the show was my last ditch effort to sell
  12. I bought an hy-2 setup without brackets just belt guard for on my 753 wandering if anyone has drawings or plans with dimensions thank you in advance! Brian
  13. Live4outdoors

    Blade/Plow for Wheel Horse 310-8

    I have a 48" blade I would give you a good deal on and also have a blower that has been converted to fit on a 300-400 series tractor, I will really give you a great deal on if interested like $50 for blower and the blades in blower are like new, I'm in south eastern Pa PM me for pictures and interest and more importantly welcome to red square! The only thing you would need for the blower is the flag and I think I have chains here for your series too just have to locate them, weights your on your own can be pricey but keeping mine for now
  14. Live4outdoors

    876 older restore have new seat and decals

    Changed Status to Pending
  15. Live4outdoors

    I broke my 702..tie rod connector

    Same thing, if they both come up dry I should have one as well.