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    1951 Pond Walk-Behind with four attachments, 1955 RJ25, 2-1955 RJ35's, 1956 RJ35, 2 RS-83’s, 57 RJ35, 59 RJ59, 1045, three Rat Rods. Front mount sickle, front mounted Reel mower, 55/56 two wheel cart. Very early RJ snowplow with no cutting edge. Many other RJ Attachments. Many WH Signs, weights, and Memorabilia.

    Many other brands of old Lawn and Garden tractors
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    Bristol, CT
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    John Deere Equipment Salesman
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    Collecting Wheel Horse and other brands of Lawn and garden tractors, attachments, and memorabilia. Love WH Signs!

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  1. DJE


    Count me In please! What a great idea!! Nice cup!!
  2. My 56 RS-83. Formally Mike Martino’s.
  3. My new addition. Trying to figure out the year. Has factory 6 volt electric start on it. Runs like a Swiss watch!!
  4. DJE

    Great day at the show!!

    Not for sale. I tried, lol
  5. DJE


    Very reasonable price here Ken!! I’m shocked they haven’t sold yet!
  6. Terry, I’d like one of those signs as well please!! Thank You!
  7. I’ll take one too please!!! Vinylguy.
  8. Bob, What are you asking for the Seat?
  9. B But I like A also!! Lol
  10. Looking for any Wheel Horse signs. Pm me if you have any for sale.
  11. DJE

    Wheel Horse Reo Royale Reel Mower

    But the red and white is all original on mower?
  12. DJE

    Wheel Horse Reo Royale Reel Mower

    Original Paint? If yes, I'll take it.
  13. DJE

    David Bradly yard wagon

    Any Pics of it?