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  1. Hauling fire wood or landscaping work pushing snow and riding with the grand kids
  2. Bonacker

    Keeping Connectors from Corroding

    when ever storing tractors on bear ground you should be on plywood it helps with dampness coming up from the ground put plywood down even outside cement floor
  3. Bonacker

    Wheel Horse Truck?

    I think they are all pretty cool
  4. Bonacker

    Norwegian Rock Picker

    Holy Jesus thats a big garden
  5. Bonacker

    Horses in the sun (Picture heavy)

    Nlice team and property to use them on
  6. Bonacker

    Best Battery

    MY Brother likes motorcycle batteries he says gets 6 to 7 years out of them I might try them when i need too
  7. Bonacker

    Best Battery

    motorcycle battery
  8. Bonacker

    Little Seat Time

    we was suppose to get 6-12 instead got 2" in rain
  9. Bonacker

    Seat Time Again

    looks like your horses in maine are going to get another work out tomorrow good luck
  10. Bonacker

    What are your other hobbies?

    HAHA WHX9 yuo got me I should of clarified 4 beagles then again we want save some for the next season 1 a year should be good
  11. Bonacker

    What are your other hobbies?

    my other hobby is rabbit hunting with beagles been doing for almost thirty years love it . I have 4 of them now
  12. Bonacker

    Best wheel horse built

    They are all good But i like my 87 -310-8 its not the biggest but its very dependable 7 years hauling fire wood pulling brush pushing snow blowing snow and mowing its never once let me down
  13. Bonacker

    Tire - steel chains vs rubber chains

    I have been using rubber chain for past four years on a rough cement drive way with no problems