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  1. Yes I need to do that, and install the drive belt cover next summer. Right now he just turns it off when he's done. The 70 hemi cuda is my all time favourite, but unfortunately out of most people price range. Your father had some awesome cars, love the 67 GTX!
  2. 70 Challenger has a 440, 72 Barracuda has a 318 & 67 Barracuda has a 273. Yes he's a thinker forsure, and very picky.
  3. We have a few Plymouths.
  4. And some pics of the RJ in primer. And some pics going back together...
  5. Well the RJ58 restoration has been on our list of things to do for a couple years now, and we finally got some time to do it. I really enjoyed restoring this little tractor with my two sons, and of course its like a brand new toy for them now that its all painted up and shiny. But the best part was the learning experience, for all of us. For me, I learned a lot of about my two boys. And for them they learned a lot about patience, how things come apart and them go back together again, and most importantly they learned how much hard work goes into a complete restoration like this. It might have taken twice as long verses if I just did it all myself, but it was worth it. They seem to have a lot more respect for it now, compared to a new toy that was just given to them. And as many memories as I already have with this tractor, we just added some more. I'll post some pictures of the process from start to finish, I hope you guys enjoy! Here are some pics of the RJ back in 1996. Here are some pics of it loaded ready to go back home for a full restoration. Some pics of the tear down.
  6. McMOPAR

    What year is my Wheel Horse?

    Hey guys, sorry it's been so long but I finally finished restoring the RJ this past summer and wanted to share some pics.
  7. McMOPAR

    What year is my Wheel Horse?

    Here are some pics...
  8. Hi guys, I’m new to the Wheel Horse Forums. I just purchased a tractor I grew up with as a kid, and have been searching for a long time. Just to give you guys a little history, my childhood friend’s dad bought this tractor for him (about 25 years ago now) in rough condition for a father son project. I can’t remember how rough it was when they got it, I only remember it in its restored condition. We had a lot of fun with it through the years, and finally lost interest in it in our high school years when his dad eventually sold it and it disappeared. Through the years I often wondered where it went and if I would ever see it again. Two years ago I had a baby boy and a year later another baby boy, which got me thinking about the wheel horse again. I thought if I could find it, it would be a great father son restoration project for us too. This past summer I got my first lead, I was told it sold to a guy not too far from where we live so I went for a drive to see if he still had it or if he sold it, to who and when. When I asked him about it he had to think about it for a minute, and finally he said well I don’t remember selling it so it must be up in the barn. Perfect I thought, that was just the answer I was looking for. After digging through tons of junk in his barn we finally found it, and four implements that I had totally forgotten about. I quickly realized it had taken quit a beating in the last 18 years since I had seen it last. The paint is all faded, decals are gone, the engine was sitting beside it on the floor. But on the positive side, the sheet metal was all straight and mostly rust free. The tires although flat, still looked to be in good shape. So I made him an offer of $200, and he said he couldn’t let it go that low, so I sent up $50 and he said make it an even $300 and you have deal. So I picked it up the next day, and brought it home where my friend and I grew up riding it as young boys. My dad couldn’t believe I actually found it, and also couldn’t believe it was the same tractor because just like me he remembered it fully restored with bright red and white paint. So I’ve looked it over and figured out what needs to be done to bring it back to its former glory, the only thing I can’t figure out and was hoping you guys could help me out with is the year and model. It doesn’t have a serial number on the tractor or transmission anywhere, but it does on the engine. It says Kohler K 91 Model No (T), Ser No (403823), Spec No (31307A). So I was hoping someone could shed some light on this as to whether it’s an early or late model tractor? As far as the restoration goes, he said the motor used to smoke, so probably a whole engine rebuild there. The transmission feels like its stuck in neutral and won’t go into any the gears, but when you go to move it, it feels like it is in gear? Plus it looks like it had a bad leak, so transmission rebuild? Other than that, primer, paint and decals should bring this thing back to life. I’ve always been a bit of a Gravely guy myself, here is a video of my Gravely 816 restoration: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9wt12rhFYEM But I’ve always liked the Wheel Horse RJ’s too, and since I grew up with this one, what better restoration project to complete with my two boys in a few years when they’re old enough to help… I’ve attached some pics, so if you guys could have a look and help me figure out what year this thing is I would really appreciate it! It seems my pictures are too big, so I will work on making them smaller and getting them posted...