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    Wheelhorse Tractors, Vintage Trucks, Supercars, FI, Rallying - Anything to do with wheels.<br><br>Have a Horticultural collection of old seed drills, lawnmowers and my three Wheelhorse tractors.
  1. thames1964

    Other Northern Wheelhorse's

    Hi everyone, Hi to Bruce, welcome to the forum. Sorry I've not been on for a while. I had problems getting back into the site for a while, my Mum sorted that for me. Haven't been to many shows as my Dad has been doing some work on our vintage wagon and we've been waiting for a trailer to arrive to carry my tractors. Managed to get sorted for Newby Hall and enjoyed the weekend. Lots of small tractors this year, lots of variety. I had my three there, the Commando 7, Raider 10 and the C161. Next show for tractors and my horticultural stuff is Masham 21st/22nd July. I will be at Flookburgh, but not with the tractors, just taking some small stuff. We didn't know where we would be with the alterations to the wagon, so didn't book much of my stuff in. We used to carry all my stuff in the back of the wagon, but we've now got living accomodation on the back of the lorry, so no room for the tractors!! We now just load up the trailer when we need it. Will also be going to Hunton in September with the tractors, that's 8th/9th Sept, Meadowfield/Norlett/Ewan, hope to see you at Flookburgh - we'll be parked up on the commercial line up, rather than in the field, you know what the wagon looks like (see profile picture), if you're passing, give us a shout. It's great for watching the lawn mower racing down there! Will try to check in a bit more often now, got a busy month coming up though. Just spent nearly all this weekend watching Le Mans and off to Donington in July to watch the European GT2, Touring cars next weekend then shows in between - Hope to go to Cromford Steam Rally in August for a look, maybe see some different W.H. Supposed I'd better go to bed- school tomorrow - Mum will be chasing me! Bye for now Michael.
  2. thames1964

    Cumbrian steam gathering 2011

    Hi Meadowfield We did come across and met your Dad and brother, on the Friday, think you were out and about. Thames 1964 was doing the driver training on Friday and Saturday, so much of his weekend was taken up with training and homework!! Sunday was spent catching up with what was on the field. Had visitors so was difficult for us to get across again to say hello. We'll catch up with you somewhere! No rallies now until Hunton in September. Then Scorton at the end of September. Tractors will then be put away until next year. Maybe have a look down to Newark in November. Where has the year gone!!
  3. thames1964

    In the beginning!

    These were taken on the 2nd June 2011 and tractor is now nearly complete. Dad!!
  4. thames1964

    Photo of my near finished Raider 10

    :hide: for the comments! Mum has just uploaded some photo's of it stripped back to the chassis. Will get here to upload those as well. Looking forward to their first outing at Hunton Steam Gathering in September, followed by Scorton Vintage Rally and Working Weekend two weeks after that. Haven't worked out how we're going to get the three tractors on the truck yet!!!
  5. thames1964

    More Photos of Raider 10

    Hi for the comments! The Raider is a 1970 and has a 14HP Kohler in it. The guy we bought it off had problems with the 10HP in it, so replaced it with what he had available! It runs sweet as a nut and better than the C-161 that I have that's nine years younger!!
  6. thames1964

    More Photos of Raider 10

    It's getting there!!!
  7. Hi Here is my Raider 10, nearly finished now. First outing will be to the Hunton Steam Gathering in September and then at Scorton two weeks later.
  8. thames1964

    Newby Hall 2010

    Hi Yeah it's mine that's powered by the Honda. My dad has the Kohler in bit's because the recoil is shot! I couldn't start it, so he put me the Honda engine in so that I could still use the tractor. I'm only thirteen, so find it hard sometimes to start the two tractors that I have with Kohler engines. Once the 8HP is sorted, it'll be going back in - just trying to find a suitable recoil for it. Mike
  9. thames1964

    My Raider 10

    Hi Thanks for the reply. Mine's a 1970 - 8 speed. , only had a couple of weeks. Dad had just finished power washing it off when this photo was taken. It was then moved into the shed to be stripped down. Two weeks later and she's built back up, painted and just waiting for decals to arrive. Will post a photo when it's finished. Will get mum to sort some photo's of it in bits. Is your Raider in need of a lot of restoration? :WRS:
  10. thames1964

    My Raider 10

    Here's my latest addition. My Raider 10, this is before restoration, will post photo's once she's finished. Michael Richmond Attached Image
  11. thames1964


    Sorry, just working out the best way to reduce size of the photos. Here's the C-161 Michael Richmond Attached Image
  12. thames1964

    Norther Wheelhorse

    My Commando 7 and C-161 Michael Richmond Attached Image
  13. thames1964

    Other Northern Wheelhorse's

    Hi My name is Michael and I am new to the forum, although I have been a member since 2009. I am 13 years old and have three WH tractors. My first tractor was a Commando 7 which came from Bradford. My second was the C-161 (1979) which came from Harrogate. The latest tractor came from Kirkby Stephen and is a 1970 Raider 10 (which someone has modified with a 14HP engine). - This is a Belgium tractor My Commando 7 has a Honda engine in it at the moment. The Kohler engine needs a new recoil and I had trouble starting it, so my Dad put in the Honda engine until we get the Kohler sorted. I show my tractors at local shows, with my Dad who has a vintage wagon. We were supposed to be at Newby Hall this weekend, but Dad has done his back in!!!! Hope to go to North Yorkshire County Show next Sunday, but will depend on Dad. Otherwise they won't be out until Hunton in September. All my collection of horticultural equipment will be on show at the NYVMS Vintage Rally and Working Weekend 24/25th September at Scorton nr Richmond, N Yorks. My mum and dad look after the Commercials done there and because it is only a couple of miles from home, I take my tractors, trailers, tanker and my seed drills and lawnmowers! The Raider 10 will probably have it's first showing at Hunton. Anyway, better go to school. Michael - Richmond, North Yorkshire.
  14. thames1964

    Vintage/county shows

    Hi Guys I'm new to this game and only a young un! I'm off to Newby Hall with my two tractors this weekend. We showed them down there last year. My dad shows his vintage wagon and I take my tractors and horticultural collection - only taking the tractors this year though. I can recommend a nice show in North Yorkshire at the end September 24th/25th at Scorton, Nr Richmond - North Yorkshire Vintage Machinery Society Rally and Working Weekend which is at Ellerton Park, Scorton. (used to be at Tancred Grange). It's a really good rally with lots of exhibits. If you want more details, just let me know. You never know - we might see you at Newby! Thames 1964