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  1. kolvari

    1533 ball bearing

    Yee-haw! Got it back together and on and shifts like it should. Went smoothly, only trick was the oil seals because the axles wouldn't center in the housing. There was roughly 1mm clearance on the other side and 3,5-4mm on the other. Very hard to squeeze them in without breaking the seal. Had not the correct size pvc-pipe so I just used whatever tools and pipes I had. But seemed like the the pvc-pipe would be the way to go. Put 10/30 engine oil in an drove 15min without leaks. Still to change the the oil to thinner one. So all good, and very grateful to You guys! What a great big family we have here. Stevesaurus have you visited Finland already? And Lars and I could meet in Lapland to catch some salmon.. Tom
  2. kolvari

    1533 ball bearing

    Had to take it to a shop where they had this "$10000" drill. They charged 50 which seemed high, although said that they had struggled too for a long time. I tried welding a nut and all kinds of HSS drill bits, no go, not even near, it had hardened so much. Well now it's just putting it back together. Tom
  3. kolvari

    1533 ball bearing

    Been awhile, got the case from Lars a week ago, plus the differential "body" part too, a piece was chipped there too. Should not take long to ride again. Hardest part is to get out a broken bolt from that case. Any advise? I guess the case needs to be tightened with that bolt too, can't do any good to leave it without? So anxious to get it together that wouldn't wanna spend hours on it. Is there drillbits that will do it, or just to take it to a shop. There is no way of welding anything to it. Tom
  4. kolvari

    1533 ball bearing

    PM sent rightaway to Lars. Thanks Stevesaurus for your effort and activity.
  5. kolvari

    1533 ball bearing

    Yes bedlam in Belgium. 10-pinion 1 1/8 axles. Closest this far I've gotten is 1.5"x 66.7mm x 15mm, could be ordered from England, but $70+shipping made me forget about it. Tom
  6. kolvari

    1533 ball bearing

    Yeah, 1533 ID 38,1mm and 12,7mm wide, 111199 ID 40mm and 15mm wide. Won't give up though, I will try to search for shim kit and a bearing that would fit straight. Meanwhile I am willing to buy a LH case if some of you have one laying aroung. Thank You all. Tom
  7. kolvari

    1533 ball bearing

    Oh, missed the previous postings when posting this. But it's getting hot. This 68mm has to be it. The 4mm I mentioned is by eye but close. What about the 40mm ID, is it ok?
  8. kolvari

    1533 ball bearing

    Thanks, now we're getting somewhere. Looks to me it's not machined, got it from US. Already been to a bearing shop, a few serious ones left. If a matching bearing can't be found then I just have to look for a spacer. A few bad photos attached. Thank You guys. Tom
  9. kolvari

    1533 ball bearing

    I'm sorry I wasn't clear enough. I cracked LH case, and bought a new one. This new case is just like the original, but the hole/slop where you place the 1533 bearing is bigger. My 2.5" OD original bearing would need 4mm more in OD. The wall of the slop is even 1-2mm thicker than in original case, so I don't think it's been modified. Thinking as if someones been struggling on finding a 1533 bearing and put a bigger one on. Tom
  10. kolvari

    1533 ball bearing

    Cracked mine 6-speed transmission case on a 1973 Raider 12, and bought one from ebay. It's otherwise alike, but ball bearing od 2.5" is like 4mm too small to it. Anyone have a clue on this? Where to get a bearing like that? I'm in Finland. Thank You Tom Sjoberg Kirkkonummi, Finland +358456390639 tomteus@gmail.com