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  1. Lost Pup

    Which models have the Eaton 1100?

    417A, 418A, 418C.
  2. Lost Pup

    New carb Or Kit ?

    I purchased a knock off for my kohler twin. Extremely satisfied with it. I did have to adapt the choke lever but otherwise a perfect fit.
  3. Just finishing off the thread....finally dug out the 42" deck and got it back together. That pulley looks nice in there. The deck wheels bushings were egged out and the shaft worn oval. Lathe made a bolt and two wheel bushings from some hex stock. The old grease was rock solid inside the wheel so I cleaned it and the zerk was able to flow grease. Looking forward to see how the deck operate with that heavy solid pulley. I will clean it up and paint the deck over the winter.
  4. Any Bluetooth device. Our “smart tv” was not bluetooth enabled but there are cheap adapters on ebay and amazon to just plug into the earphone jack of the tv. Also did not mention that our cordless house phone is also Bluetooth enabled so i sync to the tv and house phone and the call would come thru.
  5. I received these as a gift. I always used the cheapest wired buds i could find. Sony MDR 1000x cordless headphone with noise reduction. Bluetooth enabled and they connect easily to both my ipad and my cheap Tracfone cell phone. I have never tried noise reduction headphones before so i was / am schocked at their performance , comfort on my fat head and great battery life. Normally i bring my ipad to the garage when working so now tv radio and all my personal music is at hand when woking on the old horses. They also sync to my cell so i can take a phone call while wearing them. If you get a chance try a pair next time ....I will never go back to the cranked up tunes in the garage. Using my blutoothed cell phone with them I can protect my ears while working in the yard and not miss a call now. Kids are always calling for a pickup and such. Owned them 6 months now and wanted to mention it how a device actually helped woth the Horse hobby. Anyone else use NR headphones or buds ? i
  6. Lost Pup

    pto clutch

    Luv to see a pic of the remote zerk to the steering bushing.
  7. Lost Pup

    Cleaning shop surprise!!!

    I loved my Powerglide in my Malibu / Chevelle. My first car and very durable. I rebuilt one of the early smog motors 307s and was sad to let it go for a new truck. Hard to remember but the first to second shift WOT was at like 55 or 60. Great luck with that early fuelie 327......now to find a project car.
  8. Lost Pup

    cast iron 16 horse Briggs

    I have an MTD 990 with the Briggs 16 hp single.
  9. Lost Pup

    Kwikway Loader Belt Size

    Finished up the loader belt today. The 1/2 wide 29" inch belts are a perfect fit to align to the first set of adjustment holes on the bracket. Using the upper set of holes with the 29 " belt gives clearance to the PTO hoop as the pic shows. I settled on the Dayco AX27 belt. The 4L290 fit perfect as well. As installed and tensioned the pump has a full slot to adjust tension when needed. Thoughts and comments welcome.
  10. Using firefox on my ipad and i really like this night mode ....works well on Redsquare. Give it a try if your a late night WH fan.
  11. Lost Pup

    417-8 Suddenly No Spark

    Just remembered that my 417-8 really likes full battery voltage for that initial run after sitting. Initial starter cranking to prime the fuel line just kills an older battery. I swapped out a new battery from my 418A to the 417-8 and it made a huge difference. I never repace the coil just the condenser and points so it could be needed. Mostly I leave the tiller on the 417-8 for spring use.
  12. Lost Pup

    Kwikway Loader Belt Size

    Just arrived an Amazon ordered selection of vbelts. Local parts store were lost when asking and my favorite NAPA counter man retired. I did a quick check and looks like i have a winner. I will take pics and post info later today. I did try one of the Harbor Freight Link belts. I had one on hand for a table saw. The pump pulley width is 1/2 and the link belt is 5/8 so it sits well proud of the pulley. As stated the PTO pulley fits 1/2 and 5/8 so it fit fine there. The link belt was a good measurment tool and it did run the pump fine but the sides of the belt are well above the pump pulley groove. A good temp belt if needed. This actually solved another issue. I lent the loader to a neighbor to move 5 tons of topsoil. I never noticed that the belt was/ has been slipping under load say when lifting the full bucket. Hydraulics move quickly when bucket was empty so it was not noticed. Last heavy work was pushing and piling snow last winter and thinking back of its uses since getting the loader it was under performing due to pump belt slipping. i snugged up the HF Link belt for a trial loader run and well now it really works well. What a difference it makes. I now understand when other loader owners talk about lifting the rear end while lifting a load. Waiting for daylight to get it done.
  13. Lost Pup

    417-8 Suddenly No Spark

    I own a 417-8. Points seem to oxidze quickly no matter how short the down time. I always clean and adjust them first. i use a short jumper wire from the battery positive then clipped to the ignition coil positve terminal. The PTO , seat switch and ignition switch run position are now bypassed for the moment. Starting fluid helps just to prove a quick fire and run that the spark is ok. Common for the kohler mechanical fuel pump to take rather long cranking cycles for the fuel line to prime after some down time. The clear fuel filter can be closely watched for fuel flow splashing while cranking.
  14. Kwikway Loader on a 416h. Well the old belt gave it up today just streched out and slipping. Measures out at 28 inches and 3/8 wide. Guessing its the wrong one from PO. The pump bracket has two sets of holes for adjustment. The old belt is loose in the first set of holes but is too tight when the second set of lower holes on the pump bracket are used. I see a few threads with a 30 inch belt length mentioned. Anyone have a current belt number known to fit properly ? How about a BX27 http://www.biedlers-belts.com/gates-bx27-belt.html ? Thanks Again
  15. Lost Pup

    Win10 pro 64

    Sarge One item I would recommend is a router attached HD. Your 802.11ac wifi is plenty fast and keeping storage at the router side allow access across devices. Samba shares , FTP , Video shares all easy to setup for multiple users. You can also allow external access ( your own internet cloud) as well. I have a ASUS router RT-AC68U with a Toshiba External USB 3.0 , 2.0 GB hd connected. Flawless performance across IPADs, Android Tablets, Multiple Laptops. One trick I have done with the laptops is to add a internal SSD HD as a secondary boot device . Adjust the laptop bios to boot from the SSD and install the clean operating system of your choice. Leave the original boot hd alone if you wish and setup a any clean operating system on the new SSD. I have the various Windows installs setup on USB key drives. Just boot to the USB and let the install run. Many laptops even the cheaper base units run exceptional fast on the SSD and with all of the factory junk ware removed. A quick check of the control panel system and you can see if any unique drivers are needed for your laptop. I store all drivers on the wifi attached drives for safe keeping.