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  1. Kwikway Loader on a 416h. Well the old belt gave it up today just streched out and slipping. Measures out at 28 inches and 3/8 wide. Guessing its the wrong one from PO. The pump bracket has two sets of holes for adjustment. The old belt is loose in the first set of holes but is too tight when the second set of lower holes on the pump bracket are used. I see a few threads with a 30 inch belt length mentioned. Anyone have a current belt number known to fit properly ? How about a BX27 http://www.biedlers-belts.com/gates-bx27-belt.html ? Thanks Again
  2. Lost Pup

    Win10 pro 64

    Sarge One item I would recommend is a router attached HD. Your 802.11ac wifi is plenty fast and keeping storage at the router side allow access across devices. Samba shares , FTP , Video shares all easy to setup for multiple users. You can also allow external access ( your own internet cloud) as well. I have a ASUS router RT-AC68U with a Toshiba External USB 3.0 , 2.0 GB hd connected. Flawless performance across IPADs, Android Tablets, Multiple Laptops. One trick I have done with the laptops is to add a internal SSD HD as a secondary boot device . Adjust the laptop bios to boot from the SSD and install the clean operating system of your choice. Leave the original boot hd alone if you wish and setup a any clean operating system on the new SSD. I have the various Windows installs setup on USB key drives. Just boot to the USB and let the install run. Many laptops even the cheaper base units run exceptional fast on the SSD and with all of the factory junk ware removed. A quick check of the control panel system and you can see if any unique drivers are needed for your laptop. I store all drivers on the wifi attached drives for safe keeping.
  3. Posting a few photos of my own ( Onan P216 - 416H ) to answer the question. PO said the tractor never ran well.
  4. I had a chance when just tilting the engine to remove the seized side but when the block pipe side started to flex when applying wrench pressure I was afraid of just that. After snugging up the new fitting to the block a thread or two was still left and so far no leaks.
  5. Tilting the engine would not give enough height to spin the 90 with the short pipe length attached. This was the seized length. I just needed to lift the engine higher so the darn thing would be able to rotate out. For kicks I used two 18" wrenches on the ground to get that 90 (remove) loose after I removed it from the block pipe ( loose side ) length. I already had new fittings but I needed to have the final victory here. Score one for the "real" coffee that morning. I still wonder how long the PO had just kept adding oil to cover the leaks.....but then again it's a common story here....find a good deal (cheap) on a tractor, a few simple fixes and a bulletproof machine back in service.
  6. I reached a point where I chased down a oil leak and repaired it. It was a bit more involved than I expected but 24oz morning coffee must have not been Decaf. I powerwashed the 416H first then I removed the side tins to find more oily mess and buildup. Cleaned all of that up and wrapped a few paper towels around the cleaned up hydraulic hoses and put the tins back on. The Pics are after the first powerwashing cleaning. Ran the 416H with the loader for a few weeks watching for leaks . The Onan engine oil was the only low fluid, engine ran perfectly with no issuses, smoke or noises. The oil drain fittings were covered and leaking. Trying to remove them was plain fun. The short piece going from the oil drain cap to the 90 degree fitting was unwilling to turn out no matter how I tried. The length from the 90 to the engine crankcase was just plain loose at both ends, the draining length would just rotate up and down with no wrench, super loose. Engine oil had leaked for so long that it completely migrated over, under and to the rear of the tractor. No hydraulic hose leaks at all. I had thought the axle seals or hydro were leaking given all the crud covering hydro when I first cleaned it up. Of course in operation the hydro fan had helped to spread the oil nicely. Tried all the tricks mentioned to tighten the oil drain fittings but was afraid just torquing ( to remove ) on the oil drain short pipe end was really bending the pipe length after the 90 going to the engine side crankcase. I did not want to damage the crankcase (crack it) itself so the i hooked up the hoist and had to lift the engine out to fix the problem. End of the story is it's was the easiest oil and filter change I ever did. Installed new oil drain fittings rather snuggly for the oil drain line. Truthfully if was a full day at it to repair it. The PO had no clue. I found after pulling the tins that he had sprayed White Lithium grease over the oily crud to lubricate everything. Amazing how oil and grease really keep the rust down on an unkept machine. Enjoy the pics.
  7. Lost Pup

    416-8 running out of ideas

    I replaced the Molex connector on my 416H. More than enough slack wire to do the job. Not sure how long your 416-8 sat unused, I would consider cleaning the carb and flushing the fuel tank and lines as well.
  8. I purchased one of the (really) cheapo clone carbs on Ebay for my 418C. As delivered the choke arm lever was opposite ( facing down ) and the 418 requires the up facing choke arm so it would "pull" to close the choke. Fashioned a small arm and sandwiched it to the down facing choke arm. Works perfectly, no dimensions as I eyeballed up the travel line from the choke cable to the arm. The 418 starts and idles and runs perfectly.
  9. Lost Pup

    314 hydro, oil leak / filler cap

    A compression check and a cylinder leakdown test of the cylinder might help.
  10. Lost Pup

    “JackRabbit”—Caleb’s 418-C

    I own a 418C and a 418A. Great machines. Let me know if you need any specific photo requests.
  11. Hooked up the new charger and quad station. The 418A, 418C, 416H and my 2008 Goldwing all hooked up to the unit. I have the Goldwing wired with the standard battery stubout but used the spring clamps for the tractors. The kit does have 4 of the direct wire eyelets so when it warms up I will wire the tractors directly.
  12. I have been using older style manual chargers when needed and swapping around my two Battery Tenders to keep the Horses running. Christmas brought this new Pulsetech Charger and Quad station to my home. Heading out to the garage to try it out on the horses. Going for a record temp here tonight of zero .... I will see how it performs.
  13. Clean break. No splines on the 3/4 shaft, just a threaded pin i made up, PO had used a cotter pin. I can say I never tried to work in the garage at 12 degrees air temp before.
  14. The 416 FEL did a great job today. Returning to the garage the wheel just snapped. It was not in the best shape when I got it. The PO had butchered it when he removed it. I have a parts Ford LGT buried under a tree covered with snow so I may have a donor but I doubt the splines will line up. I can tell you it is tough to steer a FEL with just the hub left. Lucky I had backups to finish, 418a with plow and next up a 418c with the SS Blower. the plow was more then enough. Anyone have a 416H steering wheel around ?
  15. I own a 417-8. Adding chains, wheel weights and loading tires gives great traction to plow large piles of snow but at times causes loss of front wheel traction. Most clearly when turning. I tend to plow the large piles in a straight speed full throttle (2nd or 3rd gear ) power run to clear them from the driveway. New front ( loading them ) tires and adding a bracket and weight to the front of the tractor will help as well. I put new turfs on and it did help. I have a blacktop driveway so I never tried the chain method. Just slowing down is a requirement at times and just lifting the plow a bit to let the front tires grab again. Your now driving over snow and then having to do another clean up pass.