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  1. PeacemakerJack


    I’m with @ACman. I’d be willing to throw some cash in the shipping pot if one of our “other side of the pond” family wins the drawing!
  2. PeacemakerJack

    Mrs. Pullstart

    My lips are sealed!
  3. PeacemakerJack

    Gutbrod 2500 to WH d250 conversion

    Excellent Work Christer! I’m very impressed with all the fabrication and restoration work thus far, especially the fender pan. I also must admit that it can be hard to keep forging ahead when every time that you take a forward step in a given project, it feels like you have to take two steps back. It looks like you keep taking the challenges in stride though and already have a beautiful machine there. Please continue to post pics and details as you complete the project. I will definitely keep an eye on this one...
  4. PeacemakerJack


    great idea Jim—I’ll even sponsor a couple to help get them moving...
  5. PeacemakerJack

    What’s in your Cupholder?

    Kevin—you won’t regret reading Louis—he is one of the all time great short story fiction writers. As Eric says, he was so well researched that many of his fiction books seem like nonfiction because of the facts and documentation. If you get to reading one, you’ll have to let us know which one you decide to tackle.
  6. PeacemakerJack

    Mrs. Pullstart

    The BIG QUESTION—what does Mrs Pullstart stay about the name situation? Does she have an opinion or is it up to you and the girls?
  7. PeacemakerJack

    What’s in your Cupholder?

    As tough as Richie is, he probably does that now and again I can hear his coworkers now, “What’s the deal with the coffee in your cup Richie? That is some strong stuff! Looks as thick and dark as motor oil!”
  8. PeacemakerJack

    What’s in your Cupholder?

    I was thinking it was honey to sweeten up the coffee when needed...hadn’t thought of maple syrup! Good guess Eric
  9. PeacemakerJack


    Now THAT is a great date to have for a birthday!!!
  10. PeacemakerJack

    What’s in your Cupholder?

    If nobody buys them...it will be a short thread However, if they take off...who knows???? You may be busier than you are now trying to fill orders
  11. In honor of Richie’s @19richie66 new awesome custom cups, I started this thread. I know that some of you have already purchased and received his new cups. These things are quality pieces and he can personalize them to your tastes. You can honestly say, “I have the ONLY cup like this in existence!” I started this thread to showcase that these aren’t just works of art but also very functional. I used mine with a cold drink last night for leading my TeenGroup at church and then promptly left it. So, stopped by first thing this morning to pick it up before it got legs and disappeared. It still had ice in it 12 hours later. I also like the metal lining as it doesn’t add the plastic taste to the beverage of choice that cheaper cups often do. My cup is a “house divided” cup with Wheel Horse on one side and IH on the other with my Avatar “Peacemaker Jack” around the bottom. I requested the Patina look on mine and am totally happy with how it turned out. He even brushed little rivets in the corners to make it look like two pieces of metal wrapped around the cup and held on by rivets. Top notch work and will certainly be a conversation piece wherever you use it. Please post pictures of your custom mug/cup from Richie and tell us about your specific design...
  12. PeacemakerJack

    Custom drink cups

    We received ours yesterday and are VERY HAPPY with the results. They are cool and custom for sure. You will be spotting them in the foreground and background of many pictures of mine in the near future. I like mine so much that as Richie has time, I’ll have him make me a couple more with personalization for my tractors like GhostRider and Vader! That will be fun for sure... If you guys are “on the fence” about purchasing one, get off the fence, decide what you want him to make and buy one!!! Worth every penny
  13. PeacemakerJack

    Mrs. Pullstart

    Who would’ve “thunk” that you would get a history lesson for the girls from the forum?
  14. PeacemakerJack

    Mrs. Pullstart

    Wow! Kevin, you may have opened a “can of worms” by asking “the storyman” to throw his hat into the tractor naming ring. Let me explain to you a couple of instances how I have come up with names and then I’ll make some suggestions for you that I have. Joining the GT hobby with Cub Cadets first back about a decade ago, at first they were nameless. Then as I collected more of them, I decided that names would help for the ones that I was keeping. My cousin named my diesel CubKub for Cub Cadet/Kubota engine. Tractors that I no longer own include Cubbie and Cubber. Judges Cub 100 we call “the Mule” because of its plow capabilities. Claudia named her Case GT “Casey”. When I got into Wheel Horses, the naming options opened up for several reasons. First and foremost, should a person want to do it, many famous horses in history have names. For instance, Caleb chose to name his 854 “Comanche” because that was the unions sole survivor of the battle of the Little Big Horn. He was General Custer famous mount and since Caleb’s tractor is an amazing condition survivor, we thought it a fitting name. Some names work, others don’t. Whatever you decide, you try it and see if it will stick. Two of my Local Circle plow buddies got Raiders in the last couple of years. I tried to get them to name them “Lyle” and “Howie” after to of the most famous NFL Raiders players of the late 1970’s but it was a no go! Maybe because we are in Packer country... However, for a name to work on any machine, it needs to feel natural and not to elaborate. Simple and easy to roll off the tongue. Mrs. Pullstart has a very interesting horse to start with since it has the unique stars theme. I really like the name “Liberty” for the tractor but that got my story brain going. I thought, “What is more patriotic than George Washington?” He rode horses throughout the war for independence and since I’m about 25 years out of high school, it was time to research what their names were—Nelson and Blueskin. Very interesting stories on both horses and worth the read. Nelson would be a fun name but not my first choice for the tractor at hand. Blueskin would be great on @ebinmaine’s blue horse but he has already named it. So then I started to look through the long list of famous American war horses. Here are some that I liked... —Captain —Cincinnati call it “Cinny” for short —Red Eye —Traveller —Red Pepper (only if it is a ‘spicy’ horse like @fast88pu‘s latest concoction!) —Duke (a personal favorite because it’s tie in with one of my favorite actor/patriots-John Wayne) BUT THEN...I stumbled across the name Sybil Ludington. Does that ring a bell with anyone reading this? Probably not. I’m not sure that I ever heard the name either. Apparently she was a feisty 16 year old who grew up in the home of a famous military man from the Colonial period in America. The same night of Paul Revere’s famous ride she was called upon to do the same thing. The man that had come to her families door was too weary to go on rousting the militia. Her father had more important obligations at the moment and so she was called upon to carry the important message on her faithful steed that night. The horses name was “Star”! I thought that would fit well with Mrs. pullstart’s machine for obvious reasons. If you don’t care for the post Kevin, you can ask the mods to make it disappear but don’t say I didn’t warn you! You asked for the storyman to give you a few names. Maybe one of these will spur some thoughts of your own or maybe you like one of them... I’ll continue to follow along.
  15. PeacemakerJack

    "Clyde"--Dad's 953

    I wish I could say that I had done all of that but it was started by my cousin Mike with his “White Knight” Case GT a couple of days earlier. I made probably 20-25 rounds in the time that I had that evening. So I plowed about 20’ on each side of that field section in around an hour.