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  1. PeacemakerJack

    Vintage Trucks

    Believe me...you guys would be the first to know if I had! Wouldn’t that make a super cool “what’s in your mirror” post? I’ve spent the last couple of days trying to figure out what I could sell/part with to bring that thing home It sure would look cool in the shed sitting next to the GTO!
  2. PeacemakerJack

    Vintage Trucks

    the original Scout 4 cal was a very interesting engine. IH was looking into outsourcing an engine for the truck but they didn’t like the numbers that they were getting back. The story that I have read indicates that one of their engineers said why don’t we just remove half of the engine that we already produce! They took the 304 and made the 152 which grew in 1966 to the 196 after the 304 became the 345CID. My dad’s truck had the 196 in it. It was a very durable engine except for one thing, the camshaft was prone to premature wear. Dad’s Scout started and ran good no matter the weather or conditions. As I have stated throughout this thread...I like all kinds of vintage trucks. I have a special spot in my heart for the little Scouts though, it was a neat vehicle that ended up defining a market segment that would grow through the years and continue in a variety of different makes and models today. One of the things that I always liked about the Scout was the design of the exterior sheet metal. It was definitely a utilitarian vehicle and yet had a neat look about it. I just wish that the bodies were as durable as the drivetrains. Dad’s was only 9 years old when he bought it from a coworker and it already needed a bunch of bodywork! Our Sienna minivan is 13 years old and still nearly rust free...that’s why the Scout pictured above is such a gem—mostly original and rust free! Thanks for the input guys...
  3. PeacemakerJack

    What's In Your Mirror?

    Headin’ to see the “Mouse” Kevin? Or just trying to escape this crummy northern weather? Spoke to Richie yesterday while I was helping Jim @WHX21 install heating in my shed and he said it was in the 80’s and he was running the A/C in his truck. Hard to imagine with the teens and twenties we’ve been seeing up here...
  4. PeacemakerJack

    What's In Your Mirror?

    now that is what I call “Patina”. Lots of possibilities there Richie, gotta love the GT-14 only three point tiller and the Cat 0 three point setup—those two items are worth the trip alone. I think Skittles would love that three point!
  5. PeacemakerJack

    Vintage Trucks

    Growing up with a 1966 IH Scout as our families’ primary worker, I have a special place in my heart for those little trucks. Rarely do you see them in decent original shape for sale here in Wisconsin but this 1965 version showed up recently. I’m trying to figure out a way that I can buy it... Merry Christmas to me! Then I wouldn’t see my wife for about two weeks. After two weeks I might begin to see her out of my left eye... Non original wheels of course and late model bucket seats and radio but the claim is little to no rust. This one has the dual stick transfer case and the flip down windshield. Notice the u-hook on the hood that catches the latch on the top of the window. These were originally designed to compete directly with the ever popular Jeeps That came to fame during and after the Second World War. They were spartan but tough as nails. This one has a rebuilt original 152 CID international 4cyl. With 93hp! That won’t win any races! These were ALL WHEEL drive though with lockers front and back, almost impossible to get them stuck with the right tires. Its fun to dream!!! Maybe one day...
  6. PeacemakerJack

    What have you done to your Wheel Horse today?

    Looks good Jeff! I really like the style of those tires, sharp. With those paddle extensions fixed, you are ready for the nasty stuff when it shows up again. Hopefully this time around it will just be powder snow and not that garbage you received last time!
  7. PeacemakerJack

    Decmember 7th, lest we forget.

    Thank you for posting this thread! My cousin Paul (as many of you know) is a now retired 20 year veteran of the US Navy. He was a Riverine from 2006-12 and served two tours in the Sandbox. His next station was at the Marine base Camp Smith just up the hill from Pearl/Hickam. We got the opportunity to visit him in 2015, ironically only a few months after Sparky was there and posted all those great pics. Because of Paul’s connections, he was able to get us into the 74th remembrance ceremony at Pearl Harbor seeing that we were there on December 7th, 2015. It was very surreal to stand on the harbor opposite the USS Arizona memorial at the exact minutes 74 years later where this tragic event took place. There were about 1500 people there for the ceremony and we ended up being only a couple of rows behind one of the living survivors of the Arizona! He must’ve been about 92 years old and yet you could see the emotion, pride, and love for America just eminating from him. I knew at that time most of these men would be gone within a couple of years based on their old age. It was one of my great privileges to be there in that place on such a date. I try my best to educate my children about the true history of the United States of America. We have an audio dramatization of the story of Squanto and the Pilgrims that we listen to every year during Thanksgiving week. We often talk of the sacrifices made by so many throughout our nations history that give us the freedoms that we enjoy today. That is why I shouldn’t be surprised when last spring, @Coulter Caleb choose to memorize and recite FDR’s Pearl Harbor speech. In preparation for it, we spoke about the tragic event, read books about it, watched the films, and studied the Presidents actual speech. Caleb understood the seriousness of the speech that he was giving. He was applauded by his peers and adults alike. It is my sincere desire to pass along to the next generation the importance of our history. These events shaped our nation and we must never forget the success and failure of our past! Thank you to all who have served!
  8. PeacemakerJack

    Mrs. Pullstart

    Great news Kevin! Thanks for the update and glad to hear that she is doing well It is much easier to breathe that sigh of relief when, as a parent, you hear that good news from the Doc!
  9. PeacemakerJack

    Mrs. Pullstart

    Prayed for Rylee and her checkup this morning. Frank is looking good and sounds awesome!
  10. PeacemakerJack

    Vintage Trucks

    Thank you for sharing those cool vintage trucks from “the other side of the pond”! I love you little Land Rover too. It reminds me of the IH Scout pictured above that I grew up with. Any info that you’d like to share about the above truck brands...I’d be interested to learn...
  11. @Stormin thanks for sharing the build of this tractor even several years after it’s completion. I’ve always thought that it was one of the coolest looking plough tractors here on the forum. It certainly is worthy of its own thread! Are you sure that your rear tires are only 22” tall? They look to me more like 25-27” based on the fact that those sported 23” typically from the factory. You do great work mate! Whenever you plough with it, be sure to post pics in the plowing thread😉
  12. PeacemakerJack

    Wheel Horse 854 w/ Danco Loader

    This one needs some work but is a great candidate for a complete resto. I can’t wait to see how it all turns out...
  13. PeacemakerJack

    Vintage Trucks

    @1940willys if you have more pics of that sweet ride, I would love to see them!
  14. PeacemakerJack

    Vintage Trucks

    love those old pictures and the great story to go with—thanks