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  1. PeacemakerJack

    Vintage Trucks

    That’s a beauty Kevin—time to ask him what he wants for it
  2. PeacemakerJack

    Rat Fink

    In keeping with the Rat Fink theme... Classic RF memorabilia!
  3. PeacemakerJack

    Vintage Trucks

    What a great truck Jim! You sure ordered a dandy all those years ago and had the foresight to hang on to it. That is a great looking square body and I’m glad you shared the with us!
  4. PeacemakerJack


    Howie—I wish I had taken a picture of the build sheet which was the other board and it would tell us about the paint color. If you like Arrowheads, here’s a few more for you...
  5. PeacemakerJack


    Ryan—that would be fun to hang out at MCACN 2019 for sure. You wouldn’t be disappointed. Make sure you hang on to that old Schwinn bike—not only for the memories (the most Important part) but also the value and cult like following that they have. The white car is actually a “brother” to the GTO, it is a ‘69 Cutlass. Super cool prototype no doubt. If you like gassers check these... Craig—that double nickel Shoe box from “Two Lane Blacktop” was a wicked machine. Watching the film, you see the fiberglass tilt front clip, the fiberglass lift off deck lid, monster Rat motor, gutted interior with sliding plexiglass windows—just to name a few of the race car only items. I love the fact that they are driving that car across the country. That would be a loud tough ride. We spoke for awhile with the owner of this Hemi powered Henry J gasser... I asked him if he ever drove it on the street. He said that it is a purpose driven drag car but it is licensed. He said that periodically he has driven it on the street. However, he said that it kills his back and legs with the race seats after only a few miles. Speed sometimes comes at a price. That is what makes the new supercars like the COPO Camaro... or the Demon... Amazing because they are Super fast and yet still comfortable! I’ve did a little research about the 55 Chevy and came across this article which is a quick read but very informative... https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.metrowestdailynews.com/article/20140616/NEWS/140617069%3ftemplate=ampart Enjoy!
  6. PeacemakerJack


    You got it Richard! Bob Falfa was the character screen name of a relatively unknown actor in the 1974 film American Graffiti. He drove in multiple scenes a “wicked black ‘55 Chevy”. Bob comes to town looking for a showdown with John Milner, driving a yellow Deuce coupe and consequently the fastest car in the valley. Of course the actor who played Falfa would go on to fame and fortune as Han Solo and Indiana Jones... Harrison Ford. However, one line that is classic and maybe somewhat prophetic is when Toad says to Bob, “Nobody can beat John Milner!” To which Bob quickly interjects, “I ain’t nobody dork!” And then does an awesome burnout and takes off in the above black ‘55! That movie has become such a cult classic through the years and it is cool to see how different aspects of it end up in the car community like the above t shirt...
  7. PeacemakerJack

    Edit: Patriot Horse is Tried/Tested in snow !!

    Well played Kevin!!!! We need an emoji for that...Craig @AMC RULES?
  8. PeacemakerJack

    New Shop

    you are having too much fun organizing your space!!! I get it—I’ve been enjoying the same thing in my shop as well. It is so fun to watch your progress. Keep at it
  9. PeacemakerJack


    It was awesome to meet someone with a strong faith using the tool of his car to share the redeeming message of the Gospel of Christ for sure. We had a good time of fellowship and then were on our way to see more vehicles. It is so hard to imagine the variety and rarity of the models. As you guys have so clearly stated, that time period was sooooo unique in many ways and the auto industry was no exception. This ‘71 Judge was ripe for a resto but had been in one family since new. There were claims that it could be the last GTO Judge ever produced! Protoypes like this 1963 Ford Cougar II recently restored ‘69 Hurst Olds And 70 GSX are commonplace at MCACN! All one of one, hard to believe that they still exist! Anyone know what this shirt is referring to? You have to be a car guy and a film guy to pick up on this one... I’m hoping our man Terry @Vinylguy can take this one and turn it into a Wheel Horse sign for us that have succumbed to the “addiction”😁 The old Schwinn banana seat bikes have also become the rage and they have some very rare examples there including this never opened in the original packing crate model appropriately called “the Apple Krate”! There were so many vintage racers there today it was hard to quantify. I’m sure many of you recognize this awesome machine! Stock vehicles aren’t the only thing there. We saw many modern amazing customs like this Chevelle. All in all, I felt so blessed and privileged to spend the day with my Dad and my son, enjoying a shared hobby. I’m so thankful to live in a country where we have the freedom and opportunity to do something like this. Thank you for being willing to take the journey with us. Lord willing next year, the Saturday before Thanksgiving we will attend this show again if any of you want to hook up with us and walk around drooling, pointed, and wanting—we’d be happy for the company! Gotta end with another food picture! Caleb was hungry again (as we were too) and so we took him to an awesome restaurant in Milwaukee called the Brisco County Grill. Great BBQ and burgers!
  10. PeacemakerJack


    for @953 nut nice Chevy drag/street car with a cool surprise in the back between the roll cage... Custom child carrier—start ‘em early but safety first! Hemi Dart Super Cool Hemi powered Henry J with a long and storied drag history Captured this pic for all the G-body fans. Car with some mods ran an all time best of 10.2@ 126mph back in the early 2000’s now it is mostly stock
  11. PeacemakerJack


    My first car was a ‘69 Mustang notchback...this beauty caught my eye Check out the position of this car in the production run... This car was unveiled about thirty seconds before I took this picture! Look at the “W” cutlasses! Rare machines! Studebaker race cars! Caleb was blown away by the legendary Ford GT!
  12. PeacemakerJack


    L88 Camaro! 5 ‘68 Hurst Olds with the Demonstrator convertible in the middle! 4 L88 vettes in a row
  13. PeacemakerJack


    Made it! Lots of attendees once again! I need a Mopar guy to check in and tell me about these promotional cars!
  14. PeacemakerJack


    Our day has begun! Three generational shot—I try to never take the blessing of this time together for granted. Stopped at the Oasis for DD breakfast! Caleb is a fan. We are looking to the southwest and waving to our good buddy @stevasaurus Next stop...the show!
  15. PeacemakerJack

    Predator Swapped C-161 is a BEAST

    on snow and especially ice, there is no substitute for chains. Since I have a gravel drive, I picked up a set of 2 link v-bars and I’m constantly amazed at the traction they provide. thanks @WildmanC120 for the update on that Predator motor. Sounds like you have a winning combo—vintage wheel horse toughness with a modern fresh “heart” transplant.