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  1. C-Series14

    There's got to be a better way. . .

    What Terry said...I have done that after fighting it for awhile! I also lower the lift bar all the way and it can be decent to reach from the bottom, on the manual lifts...
  2. C-Series14

    Interesting way to get a workout

    Mine gets a workout too!
  3. C-Series14

    Every Dog Has His Day

    Congrats Mike! Interesting enough, I have an Austrailian Shepherd named Indy also! Named for Independence Day as he was born on July 4th!
  4. C-Series14

    my $25 haul

    My WH FEL was rusted pretty bad but it cleaned up. Mine sat up on a roof for years! You could make a sub frame and find a pump.
  5. C-Series14

    The "Big Ten" with a diff. look

    Heading home now...will get to watch the second half. Close game! Go BUCKS!
  6. C-Series14

    The "Big Ten" with a diff. look

    Who won the mich-mich state game? I am working on a landing gear and can't listen to any radio...
  7. C-Series14

    So What Are Your Other Hobbies???

    I like big twucks that go fast! And shining this thing all the time...
  8. C-Series14

    The "Big Ten" with a diff. look

    Hey Steve...either the Bucks come out for blood because of the last 2 losses OR...they play like thay have the last 2 games and look horrible! Should be a good game against a tough Illini! GO BUCKS!!!!
  9. C-Series14

    8 speed fluid

    Just for info, there is a lube chart in the "links" section... http://www.wolverine-synthetics.com/pages/...lubrication.pdf
  10. C-Series14

    front end loader models

    I am no expert on what fits what but I do believe the D-Series subframe would be different than the C-Series subframe. No difference between C-Series Auto's or 8-Speeds. From mounting position, I prefer the Ark Loaders over the Kwik-Way's... I have pics of mine in the gallery...It is a 1979 C-161 8-Speed with a 1979 ARK 550 40" FEL on it.
  11. C-Series14

    Dual Restore / Rehab

    Looks like a great job! I like the Valspar Almond on the wheels and the tri-ribs!!! Got to get my butt in gear this fall-winter and tear one apart. Want to do ribs on a C-Series! :thumbs2:
  12. C-Series14

    Steiner Plowing Garden

    Looked easy with that beast, Terry!
  13. C-Series14

    Two new horses for my stable. D180, C160

  14. C-Series14

    Mt. St. Helens trip...

    Tom...that is amazing!!!!! We must of been right in the same place. Great minds think alike.... :thumbs2:
  15. OK...must of changed something starting in 1980...I don't have a C-165 8-Speed to compare to my C-161 as far as how stuff is routed. You are doing a top notch job on this tractor! Good to see them put back to original. This is how my throttle comes in from the right side around the engine and above fuel pump to the mechanism on the shroud...