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  1. stuppy62

    Tire fit

    WVHillbilly520H, your correct, mine is a 93 and I went to garage to check, sure enough they're 10.50.
  2. stuppy62

    Tire fit

    Ok, thanks, a guy locally has a set for $50 that are practically new.
  3. stuppy62

    Tire fit

    Quick question, will 23x10.50x12 fit my 520h, it has 23x9.50x12 on it now? thanks, Dave
  4. stuppy62

    Belt guards for 52" deck

    WTB belt guards for a 260 series 52" deck, I assume they are plastic. Part #94-2522, 94-2524. Maybe someone has a rotted out deck that these covers might still be usable? thanks
  5. stuppy62

    Hydraulic oil for 270H

    Thanks, Garry, dexron II or III is what it takes!
  6. stuppy62

    Hydraulic oil for 270H

    For all you knowledgable WH folks out there, I'm working on a 270H tractor with hydraulic lift. What type of oil is recommended for the lift system? This is an electric over hydraulic that goes directly to the lift cylinder. Thanks in advance, Dave
  7. stuppy62

    1974 C-160 8 speed

    I've had this tractor for little over a year, I've mowed with it several times and everything works great! It's an 8 speed with Tecumseh HH160 overhead valves. The motor needs to crank about 30 seconds before starting after it's set for couple days. After it starts it runs & idles as it should. It comes with a 42" deck that had a spot welded, but looks professional. The paint looks original, but it may have been touched up years ago. I cleaned this tractor up, added the tri-rib front tires, homemade stack exhaust, and stainless steel grab handles on fenders. The deck has a new belt & blades were only used a few times, like new. If interested, I could bring to the big show in June. Price is negotiable, make offer.
  8. stuppy62

    Excello push mower

    That add is awesome! A friend at work got these for free, I think we might tinker around with them and see if we can get one of them running. I like the self propelled one, but it's missing the handle. I'm surprised to hear Excello is still in business, what do they make now?
  9. stuppy62

    Excello push mower

    Has anyone had any experience with these mowers or remember using one? Is there any value or interest in these?
  10. stuppy62

    Belt size?

    Ok, looks like it's the 1594 & it is 107 1/4". thanks for the help!
  11. stuppy62

    Belt size?

    102742, 1/2" X 103" does this sound right? I measured mine & came up with 107" ? I know measuring belts is tricky.
  12. stuppy62

    Belt size?

    Can someone tell me what size belt for 48" SD deck? This is on a 93' 520, thanks
  13. stuppy62

    Need more information

    I'm trying to get hold of the owner, I probably wouldn't pay much for it, however a FEL would be handy. Panzer's are very unique though.I'll keep you posted if anything comes of it.
  14. stuppy62

    Need more information

    I know this isn't WH, but I'm considering buying & wondered if anyone new more about it. I know the tractor is a Panzer, but the loader doesn't look like any in there pictures of Panzer's. The tractors pretty rough, so I'm looking at the loader to maybe put on my WH. Any info would be appreciated. thanks
  15. stuppy62

    520 acting up again!

    Replying to Theroundhousernr , they put an oversized seat in, not an Onan, much larger, looks like it should last. Also, yes I was able to leave it all together.