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  1. elliot ness

    D-160 Onan, Woods mower, Snow plow

  2. elliot ness

    Tell me about the D-160

    I have had more then my share of C195's, and if you make the belt for the rear PTO slip or brake, you would have also made the belt on a D PTO shaft break or slip.. The C195 is a wonderful machine. I have had 8 of them.
  3. elliot ness

    Seeing Double D's whats not to like?

    I knew it would make for a good laugh.
  4. Love my big D's. Oh yes they are 200's
  5. elliot ness

    do we have an area?

    Now all of this information is just my opinion. When you say large, do you mean D series ? If you do, then the condition means a lot as far as value, and then comes the extras like a rear PTO and 3-point Do they run? But a junk D series 160 180 and 200 series is worth 2 to 4 hundred, and a real nice loaded up one can bring as much as 3000.00. Now if you are talking D250, well that's another ball game, The D250's in junk condition 3 to 6 hundred and a nice loaded up one maybe 25 to 32 hundred. and if you have one with a loader, well the loaders them selves can bring 1200 to 1600 .
  6. elliot ness

    D-200 making of a fuel tank

    I used a AC buzz box, with 6011 stick rod.
  7. elliot ness

    D-200 making of a fuel tank

    No on the suspension and no on the pressure test, I left it full of fuel over night and no leaks, good enough for me.
  8. elliot ness

    D-200 making of a fuel tank

    No the seat moves back and forth that is why I slanted one side of the tank.
  9. elliot ness

    D-200 making of a fuel tank

    Yes on the nipple, and yes on a vent and no it is not galvanized, I painted a plastic one silver.
  10. elliot ness

    Best model for garden plowing, tilling?

    Best all around to me would be a C160.
  11. elliot ness

    D-200 making of a fuel tank

    Made a fuel tank for on of my D200, 1/8 in. plate. And no leaks. 3hours and some plate that was laying around. It hold about 8 gallons of fuel. It bolts to the sides of the fenders and don't sit on the bottom of the tank.
  12. elliot ness

    New York to Nebraska

    Sounds like a fun road trip and a great bunch of Wheel Horses to boot.
  13. elliot ness

    Biggest Haul with the Biggest Horses

    Wow, a great find, I love those big D's Enjoy your treasures.
  14. elliot ness

    Saving a D-160

    The tank is what draws me to them. They remind me of long ago when my dad had bulldozers and a huge tank was on the back of them. 60+YEARS ago
  15. elliot ness

    Saving a D-160

    Welcome, you picked a great tractor to redo, I love the big old D's I just put a new seat on my latest D 200 project.