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  1. bottjernat1

    1981 john deere 317

    this motor is a series 2 it has the block on the side to put an oil filter assembly and pressure gauge. i have a series 1 but havent tried to run it yet. i have a 314 as well we gave each grandkid a garden tractor when my dad died. my wifes nephew loved my dad and all his tractors. so we gave him the 314. i just got it fixed and running last summer. Thank you for all the information! Super excited now i should get the series 1 running and see how it runs maybe i will put the correct motor in it. i am an originalist this series 2 runs like a champ tho. not to bad for sitting for many years!
  2. He use to buy straight snap on tools for years then in later years he was buying craftsman . he found out with atleast the wrenches and sockets he was getting the same quality or seemed to be but half the cost. I got all of my late dads tools after he passed away i cherish everyone of them! Now saying all of that i have been impressed with the 301 piece set of harbor freight tools i bought in 2016. it is all in 1 case it has about everything i need to work on customers stuff when i go to there house to fix something. i have only broke 1 screwdriver so far. i have used the sockets in this set on my snap on impact and they have held up so far. i abuse tools sometimes. LOL
  3. bottjernat1

    1981 john deere 317

    I did use a micrometer on the shafts from the motor i put in and the extra i have laying around yesterday after i took the motor back out and found there was a slight difference so i think with a swap and a new woodruff key hopefully that may do the trick. i was going to buy an assortment of those keys im going to take a stab and say it is standard size not metric you agree?
  4. I fully agree with you cheap tools can get you cheap results. I got my my late dads snap on torque wrenches they are awesome.
  5. bottjernat1

    2019 Calendar

    nice thank you!
  6. bottjernat1

    2019 Calendar

    Where is the link that i may buy one?
  7. bottjernat1

    1981 john deere 317

    Hello i am currently working on a 1981 john deere 317. It was my late dads a scrap yard special from where he worked for almost 30 years. I had the motor in it and got it to move back and forth. I was just testing everything making sure it was going to work properly and i noticed the drive shaft with a little slop when it was connected. the woodruff key was sloppy a tad in the slot for the piece coming off the motor. both ends dont look wore really bad. so i am hoping to replace the woodruff key. Does anybody know the size key i need? Thanks
  8. bottjernat1


    I may just eat my words. My daughters 875 has been sitting with e85 in the tank and carb since 2015 and sitting outside. so when i go this spring to start it i will let you know how it does. i put fresh gas, stabilizer, fresh oil, and a new plug in it when parked. i will do an up date when the weather changes. Thanks for the info!
  9. bottjernat1


    will do i understand what your saying. My late dad knew his stuff and had worked on tractors all his life. never had an issue except he did complain about the new gas seeming to have to much water in it. i caught one of our local gas stations with a garden hose after hours from the building to his tanks one winter like 5 or 6 years ago my dad got gas from there that week and had all sorts of issues out of his truck. and so now when the weather is as cold as it is here now. This guys station only has 2 pumps working right now out of like 8 he has! i wont ever buy gas there i had issues to. got to watch some of these places always trying to stretch a buck . which as you know water and gas doesnt mix but for some reason this fella has pump issues now and other friends of ours had vehicle troubles. we ran a 2 cylinder john deere on straight ethanol once it lost a few horse power but ran. LOL! To each there own. This debate is no different than what type of oil to use.
  10. bottjernat1


    I dont know i always have my late dad use to and so i have. also they are metal tanks in most of my equipment and there is such a thing of condensation. it happens. it hasnt hurt anything we have had i even put a bottle in my cars when winter first hits. never failed me yet.
  11. bottjernat1


    cheap 87 and part of a bottle of heet cause of this cold *ss weather. LOL
  12. bottjernat1

    RJ58 rebuild

    I love my rj58 it took me years to get it done. Im hoping to get the mower deck restored soon. All i had for it when my late dad bought it for me when i was a teen. was a snow plow. now i have a deck i need to restore. Here is an original advertisement i have for when i show mine.
  13. bottjernat1

    Clinton B1290-1107

    If you ever need specs on your clintons i am your guy i have a huge clinton service manual. It was my late dads. i also own 4 or 5 clintons i will see if i have what you need!
  14. bottjernat1

    Beaver garden tractors!

    there is a guy closer to you he is on facebook me and him run the "beaver riding tractor" facebook page. he might have one for you. His name is john.
  15. bottjernat1

    Beaver garden tractors!

    i gave kate photos of what i have hoping maybe she will put them in the next issue! she had some of my stuff in the last issue the one with the jd golf cart on the front. Love the LAGT magazine