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  1. biggin


    I know, I'm still thinking about it!
  2. biggin


    Shallowwatersailor, I sure wish we were closer, I'd be very interested your dxi, I'm thinking of just using my classic style tractors for other implements and get an xi for mowing duties.
  3. biggin


    Looks nice! I really would like to have an xi, maybe I'll get lucky and someone will have one for sale at the Mentone show this weekend, maybe even a dxi! Ok, question for you xi owners. With how deep the 60" deck is there is almost no room to lift the deck up more than an inch on the 520, is their more room under the xi to actually "lift" the deck?
  4. biggin


    I don't have an xi, but I have two 520's, one with a 48" deck and the other is a 60". I really like how well the 60" mows. I definitely agree with what slammer says about being able around obstacles easier.
  5. biggin

    60'' deck blades

    I'm running Oregon 91-503, so far pretty good. Not sure how they would compare to the gators.
  6. Hi Biggin this is Macgyver I'm interested in trading my 60" deck with you . 

    Pm me & will send my cell #

  7. biggin

    520h repower question

    Thank you! See you at the meet and greet tomorrow.
  8. Still wanting to trade , I'm going for sure . I'd really like a snow thrower .

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    2. biggin


      I'll be driving a white dodge quad cab and I'll have my trailer with me. 


    3. ACman


      I'll be in a maroon  Suburban with trailer . You won't miss me in my trackchair .

    4. biggin


      Sounds good, see you then 

  9. biggin

    What should I do

    @ACman, sorry, meant Scotts (whfan74)meet and greet .
  10. biggin

    What should I do

    @ACman, I'll do my best to make it Steves, sorry guys, not trying to hijack the thread.
  11. biggin

    What should I do

    Hey ACman, if I can make it to Steves I might trade my low hour single stage snowblower for your 60" deck. I've got about 3acres of nice flat ground to mow now and I'm sure the 60" would be much nicer than my 48" deck.
  12. biggin

    520h repower question

    I saw the ad from the guy in Michigan as well but now I can't find it. Does anyone have his information?
  13. biggin

    Homemade ripper

    I needed something to help break up the hard packed limestone driveway, so I built a belly ripper. It mounts to the rear hitch, it could use some weight mounts on each corner but it's 42" wide so I just put my feet on top of the bar for some down pressure if needed. I've used it couple of times now and it works great.
  14. biggin

    Wheel horse rear wheels and tires

    I may be interested depending on where you are located in Indiana.
  15. biggin

    Wanted-- 520-8

    Just looking for a 520-8 around the Indiana area, may be willing to trade a toro 520h Thanks for any help