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  1. Man time goes fast... already 2 years since I've restored my 58 years old horse... and it still running like a new one. Grand-kids are happy to come and see grand-pa for a tractor ride!
  2. Starter/generator is burned... anyone know where I can find parts to rebuild it? Thanks!
  3. ...it's winter and up here in Quebec we're having really cold temperatures this winter; -40s, -50s... But the little guy still running and I really enjoy riding it in the snow
  4. It's a little to much... Thanks!
  5. Next step will be to find and restore a trailer for this horse
  6. http://www.thevanguard.ca/media/photos/unis/2014/01/29/photo_2542391/article_large.jpg Something like that
  7. Well, if I can find a 1955... maybe !
  8. Project is now over Remember the bottom front of the hood ? lots of cracks, holes and rust. I love the end result ! Here is the revived horse... it works like a new one. Many thanks for the help and support
  9. For color, I used a flat black, it's a BBQ heat resistant black paint.
  10. Have'nt got time to work on the Horse this week... I'm at a convention in Barbados. Somebody have to do the dirty jobs Back next week to finish it!
  11. Here is some pictures of it. It have a concave shape in the middle... seems to be the original part.
  12. Zeus55


    Hi Koen, pyrolysis oil is also known as bio-oil made from bio mass products. There are some worrying points that you have to be aware of in using this type of lubricant; pyrolysis oil contains 20 to 25% of water and this is a problem when it comes to corrosion and evaporation. This oil have a low viscosity @40C... only 13. Most engine oils have, at 40C, between 60 to 100 cSt of viscosity. Also, there is no Zinc in this oil and an engine need some Zinc, Phosphorus and ash to protect itself against friction. If you decide to go with this type of oil, just make sure to select something that will protect your engine. Get and read the spec sheet and compare it with a regular engine oil's spec sheet. If the spec sheet does'nt show enough information... stay away from it. Cheap is not always profitable.
  13. Working on it... lots of cracks and metal fatigue. There are also 4 holes in the hood that I'm filling; 2 big holes each side for lights, and a couple of smaler ones. I won't put any lighting on it. Should be finished this week.
  14. Zeus55


    And Koens is right... recycled oil is more pure than commercial oils. They filter the oil at 1 to 3 microns and add an additive package. Cheers!
  15. Zeus55


    no I'm not jumping on anybody. This is what I hate about the internet, you never see the intention behind the keyboard. I was joking about the comment and it have been badly interpreted or I I did not use the right words. Anyway... RMCIII seems to have experience and I respect that. I put LUCAS in the bottom of the list because they spend more money in advertizing than development. It's a corporate decision and they seem to have some kind of success with that. As for you reference (truckers), those guys have tried a lot of products and most of the time they know what they are talking about. For our info, I'm national sales manager for a specialized industrial lubricant company and I am a certified ICML (internalional council of machinery lubrication) technician. But for those little tractors, they recommand a monograde SAE30, so anything multi-grade like 5W30, 10W30 will do good