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  1. HUDSON89

    2018 WH Show scores

    Here's a little update on this thanks to my neighbor he made me a new seat pan
  2. HUDSON89

    2018 WH Show scores

    Yes please do that's another favorite of mine and I will most definitely share my progress with it
  3. HUDSON89

    2018 WH Show scores

    Now it's a little farther south and I hope that's where it stays
  4. HUDSON89

    2018 WH Show scores

    Got another of Wallfish's great creations already starting to put my own spin on it more pictures to come
  5. Very nice tractor got a good look at it at the show
  6. HUDSON89

    Suburban Hot Rod

    So you are only gonna be there Saturday of the show?
  7. HUDSON89

    Tractor from CT to VA

    That's the plan I'd like to have it before then but if not I'll just pick it up at the show
  8. HUDSON89

    Tractor from CT to VA

    Good to know who originally built this tractor. Yes I still have it and don't have any plans on getting rid of it either love your work. I have your second one that Billy bought off of you
  9. HUDSON89

    Tractor from CT to VA

    I need this tractor hauled from CT to VA any help
  10. HUDSON89

    702 or 753 hood

    In need of 2 or 3 of these hoods in any condition
  11. HUDSON89

    Tombstone weight

    ISO a reproduction tombstone weight
  12. What are your lug nut conversion kits ??
  13. I saw where you had a GT14.  Have a GT14 Automatic with blade, etc.  Tractor looks like new.  If interested in purchasing it, let me know.  Total and delivered to you for $1200.

  14. HUDSON89

    314 transmission fluid

    Thanks does it make a difference between the two oils to use
  15. HUDSON89

    314 transmission fluid

    What fluid goes in the transmission of a 314 hydro thanks