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  1. scorpion red horse 66

    1981 GT2500

    Does anybody know how many GT2500 where made I have two.
  2. scorpion red horse 66

    1971 Raider 12 electric clutch

    I am looking at a raider 12 with electric clutch. when i started it up the clutch makes a squealing noise, when you engage the clutch it quiets down a little, would that be a bad bearing?
  3. do you have carb kits for the 520s. I have a buddy that has a 96 520 that gallops when it runs. he does not want to take the carb apart if he can't find a carb kit. he needs other parts to. could i get your phone number. He has no computer. Thanks Dave

    1. boomers_influence




      651 437 2826 M-F 10-7  S-S 12-6 cent time.

      please give the 146-0xxx # from the side of the carb,

      above the throttle shaft arm.


      I HOPE it is not 146-0698 ( emissions carb )


      thank you. boomer

  4. According to google it is 280 miles to you from my house and takes 5 hours. thats a little far. i would not  be able to come until fall  how much do you want for it. Thanks Dave

  5. scorpion red horse 66

    Dump trailler

    I am looking for a LTD-243 or LTD 24 dump trailer. in Wisconsin or surrounding states.
  6. scorpion red horse 66

    520 hydro tranny

    I would like to thank 953 Nut and Cee 245 for getting back to me on the 520 hydro issue. it was very helpfull. ThanksI
  7. scorpion red horse 66

    520 hydro tranny

    I recntly purchased a 1992 520 I am at changing the tranny oil the book says 5 quarts I only got 4 quarts in I also changed the filter. what is a easy way to fill the tranny Do i have to let it sit over night to let it settle down
  8. scorpion red horse 66

    520 Hydro filters and engine oil filter

    What is the correct 92 520 hydro filter # to use in the tranny. also does the 94 312 hydro use the same filter. toro part # and napa gold # thanks
  9. scorpion red horse 66

    8 Speed tranny Swap

    Does the older B and C series 8 speed tranny bolt up to the 300 and 400 series with out any mods the tractor is 89 414-8 the guy crack the housing some how. Dave
  10. scorpion red horse 66

    Predator 22 HP

    Has anybody tried this Predator 22HP V-Twin in 520H from Harbor Freight, if so does it fit in good or not. I would use it just to drive around at shows and maybe put a belly blade on it. It is a 1992 520 got it for $200 with out motor, motor was shot
  11. scorpion red horse 66

    8 Speed tranny oil

    8 speed has very bad looking oil in it. after draining what should use to flush it out, that will not harm axle seals
  12. scorpion red horse 66


    It does not have the 3 point hitch, he runs it off a belt, The guy has health problems so i did not want to bother him to much when i was there, at the time he said it was not for sale, so i left my card to him and left , week later he calls wanting to sell it
  13. scorpion red horse 66


    The C-195 i found the guy wants a $1000 with 48 inch deck, tiller and belly blade, rear fenders are broke, seat is very bad, tractor needs a lot of TLC. Is he in the ball park on the price.
  14. scorpion red horse 66

    C-195 and C-175

    I found a C-195 and a C-175 Both tractors are in fair shape, the C-175 the better of the two. The 175 has a cab, snowblower, deck and blade, The 195 has a deck and maybe a tiller and the rear fenders are broke. What would these tractors be worth. First time i have seen a 195 other than pictures. Thanks Dave
  15. scorpion red horse 66

    1991 520H

    The deck is a 48 inch side discharge, Also found a different 92 520H with 412 hours been in storage, It is dirty right now and the owner going to get it out and clean it up, then i can see what it looks like. It has a 42 inch recycler not real fond of them but looks to be new. this 1200 There is another guy that has first chance.