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  1. HorseHead1089

    Opinions on loading tires and what to load them with

    Sounds what like most others are saying Aldon. However some people suspected that WW fluid would dry out the rubber or break it down, however most people seem to have no problem running it and especially running it tubeless. Still on the fence about loading WW fluid with tubes or going tubeless...
  2. HorseHead1089

    Opinions on loading tires and what to load them with

    Thanks for your input Glen, I work as a small engine mechanic and also spend time servicing kubota tractors and I am very familiar with rim guard and dealing with loaded tires, very heavy!! I mainly was looking for something easier to do that I could do myself that would be less messy. Hopefully this helps others as well.
  3. In addition to wheel weighs I have been thinking about loading tires. So far these are the methods that work best -Windshield Washer Fluid -RV non toxic anifreeze -Rimguard -Tube vs Tubeless Also other people have specified the use of tubes vs no tubes. With my experience with rim guard at the shop, you don't need tubes, but its messy and sticky. With the other 2 I don't think you need tubes, but on another forum where the alcohol content in RV antifreeze and washer fluid were not god for you tires. So even though tubes will allow less fluid in the tire but I would think it would protect the tire itself from the fluid. What ways and methods do you use to load your tires??
  4. Hows the progress? I have been currently working on a project where I want oversize tires. Most of the rims and wheel centers I have seen do not look like they will accept the standard 12" wheel weights, however your rims looked like they are stepped to the regular size wheel center sizes.Where did you get your rims and wheel centers? I always enjoy your work, looking forward to seeing more fantastic projects!
  5. HorseHead1089

    3 Cylinder Kubota vs 4 cylinder Mitsubishi Diesels?

    I work at a kubota shop and these little diesels are great and I believe not much has changed and plenty of parts are available from kubota. I Allso own a 1989 Cub Cadet 1772 wich has a kubota D640 (17hp) 3 cylinder diesel, runs perfect and has remarkable amount of power most comparable to a opposed twin but wont bog down as much and uses much less fuel.
  6. What size are thoes monster rear tires? Looks very good!
  7. HorseHead1089

    Another 4x4 is born

    I enjoy all of your work, it's excellent! Currently making more finalized drawings of what I hope to be an awesome custom design. Hopfully I will be able experiment with my design my first year of college that has a plentiful amount of machining and fab equipment!
  8. I love the silver! I also like the grease zero idea, did that come factory or did you drill a hole?
  9. HorseHead1089

    Cast iron wheel weights

    looking for some cast iron wheel weights. trying to see whats out there for a reasonable price. send pictures and info if interested. Ballston Spa NY 12020
  10. would that happen to be the d250 near whitehall with the rototiller? Also you should get plenty of pictures with matching gt-14s in case one gets sold to make room...
  11. looking very good! do you plan on having more than 2 gt-14s that match?
  12. Looking to sell this wheel horse to fund my upcoming 4x4 project, restoring my grandfather's cub cadet 100 that was passed down to me, and keeping my grandfather's f250 that was passed down to me in good shape. The 312... Sandblasted and painted, looks great No decals Tires hold air Deck was refurbished New belts New hardware almost everywhere New wiring New lights Runs great. Looks fantastic, but not showroom new, so its uo for some work out in the yard I would like to keep this but I would like this tractor to go somewhere where it will be used and kept out of the scrap heap. Also I have a thread under the title project 320-8 in the customs section, because it was originally going to get a 20hp magnum wich I still have the mounting plate for.
  13. HorseHead1089

    Cub Cadet 70 restore

  14. HorseHead1089

    Cub Cadet 70 restore

    what paint did you use? aslo rattle can or airgun setup? I have a cub cadet 100 that i wish to restore to the same level as this, sometime soon, excellent work.