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  1. You could buy a new Chinese one on $bay for the price of a kit and shipping one to you

  2. GM_Man

    Tecumseh HH60 Carb

    Looking for a rebuildable carburetor for the Tecumseh HH60 on my lawn ranger.
  3. GM_Man

    Got Myself a Mini Horse

    Well after 3 years of having this project on the back burner, it's finally back on four wheels in who knows how long! Now it's time to see if I can get that ol' tecumseh to run again.
  4. The other day I noticed a leak coming from my 520-H's brake drum shaft seal. After I started looking into it I noticed that there's an excessive amount of slop in it compared to the one on my C-175. Does anybody know what causes this and how I can go about fixing it?
  5. GM_Man

    C-175 questions

    Does the mower deck drop while running or after you let it sit? There's a dipstick under the seat near the gas cap, that's where you fill the trans fluid.
  6. Does anyone know offhand what is the length of the wheel leveler rod off a 48" deck. Mine is missing it and I'm going to fabricate a new one. It's #19 in the parts diagram
  7. GM_Man

    312-8 vs C175

    I agree 100%! I have no regrets buying my C-175.
  8. GM_Man

    Well There's Your Problem

    Got the Kohler running today! It ended up needing a piston, rings, exhaust valve, and camshaft. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KdcJvxbpv0Q&feature=youtu.be
  9. GM_Man

    Wheel Horse Elec Trak

    That's probably a New Idea tractor with a GE hood.
  10. GM_Man

    C-121 ploughing aka moms gonna go mad...

    Just tell her it's advanced aeration!
  11. GM_Man

    Well There's Your Problem

    It chewed up one of the rings pretty good and it almost looks like the piston got chipped up on one side. Hopefully I'll be able to get her going again!
  12. GM_Man

    Well There's Your Problem

    Finally got around to opening up the 10hp Kohler on my B100 today. The previous owner said it made a horrible noise and he immediately shut it off and never ran it since. From what I can tell it only bent the exhaust valve and took a nice piece out of the piston. Can anybody tell me if the rod is a Kohler rod or not? I'm not thinking so becase it says Saint Bird on it.
  13. GM_Man

    wheel horse weights

    I have mine held on with 1/2" carriage bolts.
  14. GM_Man

    another new addition to the shed

    Beautiful tractor!
  15. GM_Man

    another new addition to the shed

    Looks awesome!