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  1. chazm

    Rest in Peace JimD

    Rest in Peace in Gods arms my friends
  2. Wheel Horse 310-8 Garden Tractor w/ 42in Mowing deck 10hp Kohler engine - Fresh oil, filters & Tune-up -gas line,filter & shut-off valve New Battery / All Wiring repaired or replaced New - 8 speed Trans w- Hi & Low range - 6 forward & 2 reverse New -Shifter boot,Brake shaft seal & Fresh lube in Trans Fresh Paint on sheet metal & deck / OEM Decals are Rough Rebuilt 42in side discharge deck / New Belts & Blades Can meet and PU at the BIG Show $1000 obo
  3. chazm

    Kohler K341 Exhaust Threads

    Well I found it usually depends on how many hands have repaired/replaced & or mutilated the threads, but yes ether 1npf or 1 1/4 npt.
  4. Welcome to But... need more
  5. chazm


    Hey Terry,how you doing, just another great thing you do- thanks. Here's my pic
  6. chazm


  7. U might be a old fart Redneck if.... U need a pill case to know what freakin day of the week it is...
  8. chazm

    Zeek & Me Passing the Cheese

    Or... just give him the hard hat now ... ...Like they say if the shoe fits (or in this case hard hat ) wear it ...
  9. chazm

    What has been seen cannot be unseen

    I believe his user name says it all....
  10. You forgot step # 9 .... stepping back and grinning ear to ear ......
  11. chazm

    Name these wheel weights

    From GT Talk >>> They're Gravely weights...part number matches and all!
  12. Thank God I don't collect JD stuff... Listed locale for $ 700.00 ... Are you kidding me ...
  13. chazm

    What has been seen cannot be unseen

    Well I'm out to the garage to short out all my batterys to give them a .... "kick in the rump" You know what bothers me the most is that there are some people out there with no electronic knowledge, who watch this & will take all of this clowns BS as gospel.
  14. chazm

    What has been seen cannot be unseen

    Just wrong on soooo many levels.... I couldn't see the name on the jack stand .... possible "Pine" certainly not the top of the line brand " Oak"
  15. chazm

    What has been seen cannot be unseen

    be afraid ....BE VERY AFRAID !!!!!