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  1. 1973Auto

    Another Kohler K91 restoration

    Top notch!!
  2. 1973Auto

    12 hp K301 No Spark

    Well I do have 12 volts going to the coil. But....that's where I scratched my head and said....time for a beer. So instead of trying o figure out if it's the coil, wire etc I think I will buy the coil kit that is on eBay for $70. Coil, point, wire, condenser and plug. What do you fine folks think????
  3. 1973Auto

    12 hp K301 No Spark

    Thanks All. I will try these out tonight. Hopefully I just have a bad connection someplace, In regards to 953 nut this is what the condenser looks like. Took this pic off ebay.
  4. 1973Auto

    12 hp K301 No Spark

    Had the horse pushing dirt. Doing fine then started to spit and sputter. Stalls out. Figured it was dirty carb or such. Did the usual fuel/carb once over. Carb cleaner got it going briefly then out. Checked the plug on the block turner over, didn't see Spark. Got another spark plug no spark. Had another K301 in the barn using for parts. Changed coil. No spark. Changed cylinoid no spark. Changed points no spark. New spark plug no spark. The only thing did not change out was the coil/plug wire. So where and how do I test for spark with a meter and what do I set the meter at. Electrical not my strong suit. Thanks all!!!!✌
  5. 1973Auto

    Biggest Tractor

    Hello All: I am sure this question has been asked before but, what was the largest tractor that WH produced? D200? Just curious.
  6. 1973Auto

    New Skins No Chains! Woo Hoo!

    Sarge: Don't know where they are made, but they sell the Gladiator brand at Wally World so they are probably made in China. They are working good so far so cant really complain.
  7. 1973Auto

    New Skins No Chains! Woo Hoo!

    Still in the Beta stage on the chains or no chains. First test went well. 8 inches of the light stuff. Need to give it a go with about 6 inches of wet crap. Hope the fat chic can do it with no chains.👍👍👍👍
  8. Got some new skins on the Fat Chic, (not much to look but she sure is fun) and plowed the entire driveway with no chains! Did not think that would happen . I guess with 300 lbs of weights I may not need them. But I probably will in the heavy wet stuff. Sure is easier on the back and arse without the bounce of the chains. They are Gladiators, from eBay $40 each.
  9. 1973Auto

    WH Dragging a Tree

    No, that was in June. I am in about 2 feet of snow. Erie just to the west is over 5'
  10. 1973Auto

    WH Dragging a Tree

    Well I found a way to cut the video to less than 15 mb. Just a little clip of the old horse dragging a big pine log. Hope it works! Name your video_Small.mp4
  11. 1973Auto

    Dragging a little stick

    Just a lot of force,, a lot of swearing and a little luck, so they wouldn't roll back on me!!! The trailer was put to the test, not much life left in her after this
  12. 1973Auto

    Dragging a little stick

    since I could not show the video of the log I was dragging, here is a pic of the smaller ones I was hauling around.
  13. 1973Auto

    Dragging a little stick

    try this again. last time
  14. 1973Auto

    Dragging a little stick

    I am having issues.Ill try again wheelhorse drag.wlmp let me know if this works.