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  1. Hossenfeffa

    The Blizzard King First Outing

    The Blizzrd Kings first outing with the modified K301.
  2. Hossenfeffa

    Blizzard King

    Thank you JERSEYHAWG!
  3. Hossenfeffa

    Blizzard King

    Mine is gravel also, except for the approach to the garage. Sometimes have to keep some up tension on the lift lever to keep from filling the yard with stones, I do the sidewalk from one cross street to the other, also. Some days I'm having so much fun I'll do three or four of the neighbors driveways!
  4. Hossenfeffa

    Blizzard King

    The Blizzard King ready for winter action
  5. Hossenfeffa

    Standard piston?

    Most oversize pistons are marked as such, however, best bet is to measure
  6. Hossenfeffa


    Mine had the same issue the first winter I had it. The best solution is to remove the cable, take it inside where it is warm, hang it up and let it drain. I was very suprised at the amount of water that came out of that thing. Lubed it up, re-installed it, problem solved.
  7. Hossenfeffa

    Engine Overhaul

    He did state that the bore was round and straight. If the cylinder will clean up, the slightly loose piston to cylinder wall clearance could be improved by knurling the new piston. I have used that trick to get by for awhile more than once.
  8. Hossenfeffa

    Engine Overhaul

    At .019 piston to cylinder wall clearance, that thing had to been noisier than all get out! .007 to.010 is stock specs for the K301. Stock size piston is 3.368. A .010 over piston will get you pretty close, piston to cylinder wall clearance wise. That hone job on that cylinder bore is absolutely horrible! You will need to spend some time with a deglazing hone so the rings will seat. I would recommend using cast iron piston rings. Those K 301 engines are without a doubt, worth rebuilding, even rebuilding with some "more horsepower" modifications
  9. Hossenfeffa

    Kick back during starting on K 321 engine

    Set the points at .018, see if that helps
  10. Hossenfeffa

    Engine Overhaul

    Standard bore for the K301 is 3.375. If your bore is 3.389, then you are .014 over stock. A .010 over piston won't do you any good. What did you use to measure the bore? You could possibly have a worn (by .004) .010 over bore now. I would recommend you use a good bore gauge for an accurate measurement. The top of the piston indicates oil consumption. If, in fact, the 3.389 is an accurate measurement, then you are going to need to go with a .020 overbore, provided that the cylinder has no taper. It has without a doubt inhaled something into the cylinder at one time. You will also need a good accurate bore gauge to measure the big end of the rod. Don't skimp on making sure the rod to crankpin clearance is correct. Kohler specs only allow for about .002 of wear in that department
  11. Hossenfeffa

    Kohler K series crankshaft interchange

    Although the 12 hp and 14 hp crankshafts are the same dimensionally, the counter weights on the 12 hp crank are ground flat on the bottom, the 14 hp crankshafts are not. .If you use a 14 hp crank with a 12 hp bore, or visa versa, you will end up with a nice vibrator
  12. Hossenfeffa

    312-H muffler

    Heat. Preferably with oxy acetylene torch set up
  13. Hossenfeffa

    M12 verses the K301

    Late answer here, but yes the adjustable carbs have adjustment for high and low rpm. Not an adjustable needle jet per say, but definitely adjustable. As far as mowing hills, up and down is the way to go, it's just plain safer that way. I just run my 312 in reverse with my rear discharge deck for leaves. Leaves get munched into tiny little pieces works great
  14. Hossenfeffa

    1986 414 suddenly wont start now. HELP!

    Oh heck yeah!
  15. Hossenfeffa

    M12 verses the K301

    Alot of the later magnum engines had a fixed jet carburetor. I know some of the 16 horse magnum engines with the fixed jet carbs were supposed to be speed limited to 3400 rpm's by the governor setting, some actually saying that they were actually only 14 horse set up that way. Wheelhorse kohlers used crankcase vacuum operated fuel pumps. Electric pumps are just sometimes easier and cheaper as a replacement pump. All these cat iron Kohlers are splash lubricated. Even the ones that the garden tractor pullers are revving to 7 thousand rpm's!