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  1. phipsi27

    Snow In Oklahoma

    No, not me. Just have the two. It is hard to fine Wheel Horses here in OK. Snowing again.
  2. phipsi27

    Snow In Oklahoma

    :thumbs: Woke up Christmas morning to 10" of snow and 2-3' drifts. Got a couple of hours of seat time on the 856 plowing off the drive and runs for the dogs. Merry Christmas to me! :notworthy:
  3. phipsi27

    new guy

    Happy Thanksgiving Canada :scratchead:
  4. Saw one a year or so ago; "God answers knee mail" :scratchead:
  5. phipsi27

    Found an Oklahoma Work Horse

    :thumbs2: Good find! They're hard to come by here in the OK state.
  6. phipsi27

    Karl's Old C-120

    Great job! :thumbs2:
  7. phipsi27

    Pic of my 416 (i hope)

    Very nice looking tractor :omg:
  8. phipsi27

    Caught an Oklahoma horse

    can whlvr - It appears to be the original paint. There are a few scatches but no rust. I was told by the PO he got it from a church. I don't think it has ever had anything other than the mower on it. gwgdog66 - I like the rear discharge decks. Both of mine have one. They almost never clog up and you can get up next to objects on both sides. Would like to get a lawn sweeper someday.
  9. phipsi27

    Caught an Oklahoma horse

    It works very well. Up until Sunday, it had rained here every day for 22 days. A couple of my neighbors had let their yards get away from them, so Sunday they asked me if I could knock them down so they could use their own mowers again. It didn't even bog or act like it was working hard. No problem!
  10. phipsi27

    1988 310-8

    1988 310-8 42" RD deck
  11. It took about a week, but I finally got my rope around one of those rare Oklahoma Wheel Horses. It's a 1988 310-8 with a 42" rear discharge deck. Not many Wheel Horses out here. She is getting settled in with the 856 now. Sounds and runs very well. It has been well taken care of.
  12. phipsi27

    1988 310-8 Manual

    Lord Hellmutt - The 1988 manual is not available, but the 1990 model owners manual is available as you said so I downloaded it. HorseFixer - All the Yahoo Wh Mauals Site has are the wiring diagrams. JoeMonag - I don't have any issues right now, I just got this tractor and I like having as much inforation as I can. Thanks for all the help.
  13. phipsi27

    1988 310-8 Manual

    :omg: I will try these sugestions tonight. Thank you all very much.
  14. phipsi27

    1988 310-8 Manual

    I was wondering if anyone out there had a manual for a 1988 310-8 they could email me? The Toro site said n/a. Thanks,
  15. phipsi27

    Its finally done!

    :drool: That looks great!!! Nice job! :omg: