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  1. Jeff R.

    2018 Big Show or Bust ....

    Will be leaving Northern Va within the next 45 minutes - sad to report that I might be following the rain right toward you guys. I hope I am wrong. Jeff
  2. Jeff R.

    C120 hard starting issue

    Thank you kindly for all of the responses. I am going to bring this tractor to my house next weekend and will bypass the fuel pump to see if that is the issue. If not, I’ll order new carb gaskets and will proceed there next. I’ll be sure to post my findings.
  3. Jeff R.

    Wheel weights SOLD

    Thank you Buzz for your response. Good luck with the sale. Jeff
  4. Jeff R.

    Wheel weights SOLD

    Thank you once again Squonk - I have sent Buzz a PM.
  5. Jeff R.

    C120 hard starting issue

    I have a C120 at my parents house that only gets used every month or two and is very hard starting. I replaced the fuel line from the tank which is under the hood to the fuel pump, then from the fuel pump to the carberator. Additionally, I put in a new in line fuel filer. None of this helped. The vent on the gas cap is clear. I tried the old trick of spraying gas. Into the carb and it started right up, but. Would. Cut right off when it ran out of gas. If I get the air compressor out and put a rag around the opening to seal it somewhat and hit it with two short low pressure blasts - it will start up and contumely to run on its own power. You can mow and it never misses a beat. this past weekend it would not start - so I hit the tank with a one second blast Of air and it turned over twice and fired right up. I am leaning toward replacing the fuel pump, but would like to hear from the experts first. Thanks in advance. Jeff
  6. Jeff R.

    Wheel weights SOLD

    Squonk, Thank you for looking out for me. Buzz - Are you planning on coming to the big show? If so - I’ll take them.
  7. Towed a 1980 Ford F-150 through the yard to up in front of the garage to install a new engine aaround 1993. Sorry, no pictures - but it was towed with a C-120 auto which is still going strong.
  8. Jeff R.

    Wheel horse plethora

    Dave, I am truly sorry for what you have had to endure with the embezzlement with your former employee. I have a couple of C-160's and a C-120 hydro that I can put together a parts list for. I'll pm you to see what will work the best for you regarding the timing. I am only about 2 hours from you. regards, Jeff
  9. Jeff R.

    Ready for Fall

    Oldredrider, Can you please send me a link to your YouTube channel. I have been trying to find the video of whirled of hurt, however I have not been able to locate your video. PM me if you would prefer. thanks in advance. Jeff
  10. Jeff R.

    HF paint guns

    I had pretty good results out of the 9.99 harbor freight spray gun. I am not a skilled painter, and like others - I have to paint outside. I sprayed this a year ago and I was very pleased with the outcome. I think I used IH Red from tractor supply.
  11. Jeff R.

    How do you sharpen deck blades?

    I have been using the 4 1/2" angle grinder lately and this is my new preferred method.
  12. Jeff R.

    "Blizzard" videos 3/14/17

    We were supposed to get 6-10 inches in northern Va, but only would up with about 4 inches since it changed over to sleet. I did get some seat time in though. IMG_0414.mov
  13. Jeff R.

    Delta DP 220 drill press

    That is a nice find Sarge. I have a old Craftsman bench top drill press that I think dates back to around 1949 that I was given after my neighbor passed away. It is alli can do to lift it up on my workbench by myself. These are solid machines that will outlast us.
  14. Jeff R.

    wheelwieghts agin, a dumbo asks

    AMC Rules/Bob, Were is this plate located on a C series tractor?? Thanks in advance. Jeff