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  1. Eric C

    Predator Swapped C-161 is a BEAST

    I got mine from here: https://www.tirechain.com/Garden-Tractor-Rubber-Tire-Chains.htm
  2. I made my own leaf vac using the business end of a trac-vac unit. (The impeller and housing) to solve the pivot in the middle issue, I use my sleeve hitch for the connection and disconnect the lift cable. This allows for the unit to swing up/down but not left/right. A set of pneumatic tires on swivels in the rear allow the unit to swing just like the Cyclone Rake. I would attach some pics, but I need to renew my supporter status.
  3. Eric C

    mower deck care

    POR 15 is a great idea in theory. But doesn't hold up to the abuse going on while those blades are spinning. All the time and effort in prep, only to have most of it peel off after one moving season. Not worth the time effort and cost IMO. El cheapo option-Rub it down with used motor oil when ever you remove the deck for maintenance, blade sharpening etc.
  4. Eric C

    Happy Birthday Bob

    Happy Birthday Mr. Maynard!
  5. Eric C

    79362 snowthrower part ?

    Yes. The sprockets are pn 93-1614. I just ordered 2 yesterday from mowpart.com.
  6. Any one have a lead on a seat? i also posted in the wanted section.
  7. Eric C

    Lawn Ranger seat

    I'm looking for a seat pan or a complete seat with cover for a 1966 lawn ranger.
  8. My daughter was bitton by the WH bug shortly after I was a few years ago. Her legs are still too short to operate my B100 or 520 with Matt's foot pedal. She found this Lawn Ranger during our 2nd walk around the show. She's got a good eye! It's hard to believe how original this thing is. Thanks to "Wild Bill" for the hauling help back to the trailer.
  9. Eric C

    Bob Maynard's Thursday Show Pics

    Great pictures as always Bob. Thanks again for the brake linings.
  10. I have the Kenda Terra Tracs. I'm very happy with them.
  11. Eric C

    New Rear Tires on the 518xi

    The wheels were from a craftsman GT but the offset interfered with the trans filter. I bought 2" wheel spacers from http://www.xtrememotorworks.com worked out well. The 48" deck gauge wheels just clear the tires.
  12. Eric C

    New Rear Tires on the 518xi

    Nice choice. I'm running the same tires (filled with ww fluid and weights) on my 520H. They are great for mowing on my hilly terrain. My first time using in snow was this last 30" storm we had in Md. Had to use chains and my son on the rear to clean up that one.
  13. Eric C

    c-125 8 speed traction problems

    953 is right. You have a good start with the wheel weights. But more weight is needed on the rear. Have someone over 100 lbs stand on the rear hitch and try the hill again. My bet is it will track right up with no problem.
  14. Eric C

    520h disappointing

    This is what I'm dealing with now. 20 plus inches. I usually plow 6 to 10 inches at a time. But the bulk of this dumped on us Friday night into Saturday. My only shortcoming with this storm was a lack of weight. I have all four tires filled plus 110 lbs of weight. In the last 2 pics, there is nowhere to push the snow except foward due to the way my driveway is cut into the hill. I had my son (he is about 180 lbs) stand on the sleeve hitch and my 520 pushed like a freight train! My son and wife could hardly believe the snow we were pushing.