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  1. This is a D-200 with a Kubota water cooled diesel engine. Has rear PTO and 3 pt. hitch and a 48" deck. Starts and runs great and has one new front tire and Ag's on the rear. As you can see the seat is in good condition also. Paint is faded but could be buffed and look really good. All lights and gauges work. This is a power house with this diesel. Everyone I have seen on here has one of those Chinese 10 hp. engines and I believe this is an 18 hp. Call 219-987-5794 ( no emails ) with any questions and offers. This as you can see is not a beauty queen but it is solid with no known issues.
  2. 546cowboy

    My Onan doesn't have spark.......

    Actually that should be a lesson for everyone. Working on cars for many years I have run into all kinds of problems that were simple to fix once the problem was found. But I, like everyone I've ever known, sometimes tries to over complicate the problem. In this case though, it should not have ever happened. Included in your tools should be a known good spark plug with a ground attached to it. That way you just pull a plug wire and hook in the test plug. That way you know for sure weather you have spark or not.
  3. 546cowboy

    What hppened to the Service Manuals?

    You know I used to use this site and the Toro site all the time for manuals. Then Toro screwed their site up and you can't get much of anything any more. Now in the last year this site has gone to h//l when it comes to finding manuals. I don't know who is resposible for this change but it sucks (IMHO). I don't see why it wasn't left the way it was when the old manuals section worked so well. Now you can't find a parts or service manual without hunting through every post that was ever written about any subject. I will not be renewing my support come January bcause the site is useless to me. Now I am glad I had to sell all my Wheel Horses so I don't have to search the whole internet to find manuals. Though I guess the Wheel Horse groups on Yahoo may not have changed and I may find tem there.
  4. It has ben a while since i regularly visited this site and what have you done to the manuals section? I can't find a useful manual on this new section. I need a service manual for a D-200. Speifically I need to look at the rear PTO pulleys and see if I can find one.
  5. I had a Charger 12 that someone did something like that to. I never liked it but that one was not as nice a job as yours. Buy the way I believe you have an Eaton in that and not a Sundstrand.
  6. 546cowboy

    What did i buy?

    You must be new! None of these engines have bearing inserts for the rods.
  7. 546cowboy

    CDI Box for 92 520H needed

    There is no such thing on any Wheel Horse.
  8. 546cowboy

    520 with a dead cylinder

    I hate to be the one to tell you this but if the guy hasn't torn that down yet, you may need a new valve seat. It's a common problem because of owners who don't do the cleaning or maintenance they should. You will find plenty of articles on here about that. I have had four of them with the valve seat loose on the rear cylinder. I buy them that way and repair them.
  9. 546cowboy

    Is it worth it?

    Well it kind of depends where you are in Indiana to find Wheel Horses at a decent price. Personally I seem to be in a dead zone here in NW Indiana. When I was doing a lot of refurbishing they always seemed to be 100 miles away from me. I have gone almost 200 for several. Duh! not a good idea! I have only owned a couple of the Tecumseh's and never had one that would run either. I did swap out a couple with the HF engines and one with a Carroll Stream electric start.All my tecuseh engines went to the scrap yard.
  10. 546cowboy

    My Onan doesn't have spark.......

    Just so you know. This issue with the insulator is kind of like the issue with a GM ignition module in the distributor. The difference is GM does not use a material insulator. When you buy a module it comes with a little package of grease to be used on the bottom side of the module. If you do not use this grease the module 'WILL' fail and I have seen that happen. People buy one and think " what's this for and discard it" the next ting you know the vehicle won't start again. Time for another $60 for a new module plus the trip to the shop, towing charge and the labor. So you see not using that little packet of grease could cost you upwards of $200 to get it fixed. Just saying "pay attention now or pay someone else later".
  11. 546cowboy

    1988 520H not turning over

    Is your battery ground cable grounded on one of the engine mounting bolts? If not do that. If your battery is fully charged hook a voltmeter to the connection at the solenoid and turn the key to start and watch the voltage on the meter. If it drops below 9 volts you have a problem in the starter or a bad battery. You did not say weather they load tested the battery. This can also be measured with an amp meter, if you have one that can be just held on the wire, at the battery cable. If it shows an excessive draw it will be the starter. Until you get it to start and run, you can't test the charging circuit correctly. The charging system won't keep it from turning over on it's own.
  12. 546cowboy

    Project "Why Not"

    Totally AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. 546cowboy

    Project "Why Not"

    Totally AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. 546cowboy

    HF Motorcycle Lift, GT14

    I thought I saw where there were extensions available for those.
  15. That is one of the things on Ebay that gripes me. If you go there to look for Wheel Horse parts and one of those guys has 4 pages of manuals on there you have to sort through all those to get to the parts. Those things should be in the books and magazine section and not the parts section. All though I did put up a couple manuals last week that I finally found in my stuff. So I guess I shouldn't complain.