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  1. kdeatrick

    Briggs Engine Part needed

    I have a for a Briggs 402437 0694 01, 16HP from a Work Horse GT1600. I wonder if anyone has the side cover from this engine or the 5/16" x 2 1/4" pin that hold the governor gear on the cover? The part is not shown as a part you can even buy on any of the briggs sites. It's snapped off and I punched it out easily, just need another now. I have the new governor gear already. Thanks, Ken
  2. kdeatrick

    2017 Big Show Buy/Sell/Trade Thread HERE !!

    I'm also bringing this sickle bar mower. It's been modified by the previous owner and was told by his son that he used it on an 855 I believe he said. I've degreased it and used WD40 on it so far.
  3. kdeatrick

    2017 Big Show Buy/Sell/Trade Thread HERE !!

    I'm bringing my dad's old 502, I just don't think I have the time to work with it. I have to choose my projects. The deck looks in really good shape. He used it with a blade. It will run, it just needs some work. Also an extra deck suspension and gears.
  4. kdeatrick

    1983 - Work Horse GT-1142 Restoration

    This restoration of my dad's 1983 - Work Horse GT-1142 started out just fixing the carburetor and missing linkage. Sadly, my father passed away, while I was waiting on some parts to arrive. It soon became a full on restoration and what I call "Tractor Therapy". The restoration was pretty much completed by the end of July 1, 2016, but I then found a 42" side discharge deck and began the restoration of the deck. All parts are new except the actual shafts. As with the tractor sheet metal, I had the deck bead blasted and painted at a local body shop. The decals for the restoration came from redoyourhorse.com I've also found a few old pics to include an old trailer we had. I found that trailer in the weeds all rotted up with only the angle iron steel frame, all plywood gone. As of May 2017 It's now painted black again and will be put back to work after 30 years of rotting in the woods in Northern PA, it's going to get a lot more use.
  5. kdeatrick


    We are in the same boat. I drove this thing from the time I was 14. I restored it after my dad passed away last May. I know there are some in my area on Craigslist. I have 2 other GT-1100's and a GT-1600. The one GT-100 is my daily worker, the other had the engine blow last year and I replaced it with a used 18HP. There are some listed on Craigslist around here. Are you coming to the show in Arendstville in June?
  6. Version 1.0.0


    IPL #810286R1 (Original 66 pages 42.5MB) 66 pages 36.6MB 1982 Work Horse GT-Series GT-1142 8-Speed model A1-114201 GT-1642 Twin 8-Speed model A1-164201 GT-1848 Twin Automatic model A1-184801 Also same as 1983 models: GT-1142 8-Speed model A1-114202 GT-1642 Twin 8-Speed model A1-164202 GT-1848 Twin Automatic model D1-184801


  7. kdeatrick

    2017 Calendar submissions

    It seems no one has posted a link to get the calendars. If anyone wants one I had mine printed at staples. I only had to add my own hole. It cost me $15. I just uploaded the file.
  8. kdeatrick

    1969 Wheel Horse Brochure

    Version 1.0.0


    1969 sales brochure (Original 32 pages 50.44MB) 32 pages 29.2MB


  9. kdeatrick

    Big Show Preview

    Ed, No confusion from what I read. It was good meeting you as well Saturday. The part is in on that Work Horse and it's ready to work at our cabin next season. Though I'll likely do some more work throughout the winter on that worker as well. I took the tractor back over to my mom's basement garage for the winter. I have just a little more deck work to do as it's just a hanging shell until I get acceptable caliber of parts installed on it for the shafts. It looks as good or better than it did when dad bought it back in May 1983.
  10. kdeatrick


    Looks good Ed.
  11. kdeatrick

    2017 Calendar submissions

    Will you be posting a link to purchase them? If not did where did you have it printed?
  12. kdeatrick

    2017 Calendar submissions

    Looks Great!, I'm honored to have the cover position! Thanks for the appreciation everyone!
  13. Version 1.0.0


    Operator manual #810342R1 or #810342 R1 Wiring (Original 28 pages 37 MB) 28 pages 10.5 MB Dated 11/83 Work Horse Workhorse Tractor 1984 B-1136 model B2-11BX91 (On the Belgium list. Not in the manual but this is the manual listed @ Toro for this model) Tractor 1984 LT-1100 3-speed model A2-11BX01 Work Horse WorkHorse Tractor 1984 LT-1100 5-speed model A2-11BP01 Work Horse WorkHorse Tractor 1984 LT-1600 Twin 5-speed A2-16BP01 Work Horse WorkHorse Tractor 1984 GT-1100 8-speed model A1-11B801 Work Horse WorkHorse - Some used alternate inner axle bearing See PSB #369 Engine-11HP-B&S Model 252417, Type 0664-01 Transmission drive belt 78-7100 replaced by 7473 - HB x 81.9" or 5/8" x 81.9" Engine Thrust Bearing Toro 106499 is discontinued, available as 6007-2RSNR Tractor 1984 GT-1600 Twin 8-speed model A1-16B801 Work Horse WorkHorse - Some used alternate inner axle bearing See PSB #369 Engine-16HP-B&S Model 402437, Type 0694-01 Tractor drive belt 107939 replaced by 93-9809 - (HB x 83.5" or 5/8" x 83-1/2") Tractor 1984 GT-1800 Twin Auto model A1-18BE01 Work Horse WorkHorse - Some used alternate inner axle bearing See PSB #369 Engine-18HP-B&S Model 422437, Type 0663-01 Transmission drive belt 108502 - (HB/5L x 83" or 5/8" x 83")


  14. kdeatrick

    Work Horse parts for GT-1600 or GT-1800

    I'm looking for these parts to convert my GT-1100 to an 18hp engine from a GT-1800 From the parts book, these are the items I should need. The engine mount plate is currently the item I know I need for sure. Engine Mount Plate: 109534 Throttle cable: 109549 Choke cable: 109484 PTO Brake: 109473 PTO Engine Bracket: 109475 PTO Bracket Spacer: 106450 PTO Loop: 106779
  15. kdeatrick

    520 snow blade

    The Toro dealer in Coudersport has a bunch out back that are used. http://www.howardsinc.net/s/search/inventory/usage/Used/type/Blades/sort/best-match