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  1. truckin88

    312-8 w/ rear discharge deck. NY

    Changed Status to Closed
  2. truckin88

    C-120 auto package NY

    anything is possible just call him
  3. truckin88

    First Haul of 2018

    How'd the chevy do with all that weight back there buddy?
  4. Nice running 312-8 call my father in law Jim 570-582-0589
  5. truckin88

    C-120 auto package NY

    Hey boys been a long time, unfortunately I dont have the time to play with these machines anymore like I did in my 20s. My father in law is thinning his herd out. Here is a C-120 Auto package. Tractor, plow, deck, single stage blower, chains front and rear cast weights. Tractor has not run since early 2000s when original owner died. My father in law was friends of family and bought from estate. Text or Call him 570-582-0589 name is Jim.
  6. truckin88

    TRAILER , for hauling your tractors

    Steve, What happens when you go up a hill with that chevy and a trailer? Low Gear?
  7. truckin88

    TRAILER , for hauling your tractors

    i have had a few, I would say at least 6.5 wide (which most 6' are) so that you are not limited and 10 or 12 feet long. I had luck with the tractor supply for cheapies, but good dealer trailers show quality. I had a cross country that was awesome. If I needed one. It would be a suretrac or PJ. I found that even between my father and I I wasn't using it enough to warrant it hanging around. so for $40 bucks I rent a uhaul which is its own obstacles but works for me.
  8. truckin88

    My old gas trimmer died

    I had stihl...to heavy, but very dependable and trouble free. Then got a redmax, broke the head on a rock, paid 300+, the dealer would not cover under warranty (6 months old), parts cost me $20, but was so mad I sold it, broke even. So then I said the heck with dealer. And went between husqy and echo, HD put the SRM -225 from Echo on sale for $199, I bought it. It is wonderful, powerful, light, and smooth. ECHO all the way
  9. truckin88

    round hood wanted

    Looking for a running WH round hood, 600, 700, 800 series w/ Kohler motor. Hudson Valley NY area. I am realizing everytime I sell one I regret it.
  10. Currently watching American Pickers, this guy Speedo has a ton of stuff, including a bunch of Wheel Horses and attachments in the background.
  11. Looking at utility 4x4 quads to plow with, do chores around the property, run trails local and on trips. Don't know much about them. First used or new? Also what is the best brands and features I should look for. My wife will also drive it from time to time.
  12. truckin88

    What Wheel Horses do you regret selling?

    Nice the 1 lung kohler are so hard to find these days, 416'S around here are generally always onans, I am on the next K series or Mag 416 that pops up. I bought those exact ramps after I met you, and I learned how to load a WH safely into the back of a pickup that day rather than riding it up.
  13. We also move WH'S for different reasons, but if you are like me you look back on some you wish you didn't sell at the time. I use to buy and sell a lot more but as the family got bigger, career changed and I grew older time has grown shorter for horse tradin. I was thankful to have owned and learned a lot with the 30+ machines that passed though my garage. But here are my top 5 regrets. 1. The 310-8 I sold to Duff, went to a great home, but I put all new shoes on it, case wheel weights, Stevebo'S first restore, the paint was nice. I got this in a trade with Big Jim. It was sweet, Last I knew Duff only improved on it. 2. The C-175 I bought from Stevebo years ago, it was bada** looking. I was scared of the KT rep so I traded it, if I knew now what I knew then I would have kept it. If I remember right it went back to big Jim and Uncle Bo, their comedy was worth the deal. 3. Every round hood I have ever sold, 5 years ago they were easy pickens, they do not pop up at often, especially the 854 I have from KenB that went to Glenn, went to a great home, and got a top notch restore. 4. Mt grandfather's 312-a with 2000 hours. I never owned it, but family was involved and wanted crazy money at first so I walked, come to find they sold it for $400. 5. A beat up 416 I won at an auction, I forget who got it, but Duane and his wife picked it up. Met great people, but wish I kept that tractor, was a good rest canidate K series 16HP 1 lunger....it ran good, low hours.
  14. truckin88

    Power King with Loader

    Most Parts for PK's are best sought out from Misson, http://powerkingtractor.com/, they would give you a price it is the black 60" deck for the 1620hv. The blade hit a stump and shearded the blade bolt bolthead, so you either need to drill it out, or replace the spindle. This was only on one. However if replacing 1, I recommend replacing all 3 blades, since they are worn. I don't mow with this.
  15. truckin88


    This is correct also has to do with force on stopping short / hard breaking. I am not sure taking the slack out this way is a good thing if you have load. They make hitches that reduced the feel, but allow the hitch to function as it should.