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  1. tgranthamfd

    Straightening deck

    doc you should make a video of this process, to show us. I am starting to get it, though, just got to find the time.
  2. tgranthamfd

    Straightening deck

    Where would a guy bolt all thread to the spindle mounting surface to get the proper deflection, or what could I pull against? I am fairly positive it is not the whole deck, just the spindle mounting surface. Like I said this deck was in pristine condition. I mean I understand the over pulling to get the metal memory into the right resting place, I'm just not seeing the attachment points, in my head? I was thinking about making 2 steel plates, that match the bolt holes, and welding a rod on each plate, then bolting them to the top and bottom of the spindle mount, so I could have some handles to torque on. Don't know if that would work or not??
  3. tgranthamfd

    Straightening deck

    does the plate bolt all 3 spindle holes kind of together?
  4. tgranthamfd

    Straightening deck

    Reinforcement plates will only help if the surface is already straight, would that be correct?
  5. tgranthamfd

    Straightening deck

    Yes it has the cut outs where the spindle assembly mounts. I don't think the whole deck is sprung, I think II just have a slight bend in that cut out, over on the shoot side.
  6. tgranthamfd

    Straightening deck

    I have a 2005 315-8 Classic GT Wheel Horse. It has a 42" side discharge deck. I clipped a water meter cover, and my outside blade started hitting the middle blade. Figured the outside spindle shaft had gotten bent, the grease zert was no longer centered, in the cover. I went ahead and bought a complete spindle assembly, and changed it out, just to find that it was still not centered, and the blades still hit each other. My desk must have gotten warped where the spindle assembly bolts on the deck. Is there a good way to straighten this out? As stated, it is a 2005 model and has had nothing done to it except for blades and a deck belt, it is/was in real good shape, never spent a night outside. I need suggestions for a good repair, this deck is nowhere ready to be retired. I cleaned it up and couldn't find any thing to suggest it was bent, but it still hits and is not centered in the cover, all is installed correctly and it is tightened down good. P.S. the belt cover is not touching the deck on the outside, by the shoot, when tightened down.
  7. tgranthamfd

    Tiller hookup help

    They are a handy item to have, even if you don't use them a lot. Functionality is what counts! I didn't realize this was an old post, guess I should get on here more often!! LOL
  8. tgranthamfd

    Tiller hookup help

    I bought a clevis hitch set up, when I got my tiller, and I think it came with a cable tube, in case there wasn't one. It's been a while, I may be wrong.
  9. tgranthamfd

    Deck Hanger

    Just wondering how tough it is to rebuild the deck hanger on a 42" rear discharge deck. The deck shell, spindles, bearings, belts, and blades have been redone, but the hanger seems a little loose. I've seen a few on E-bay, but I don't know if they would be in any better shape, than mine. I know there are a lot of little parts and bushings. Any of you guys ever taken on this task?
  10. tgranthamfd

    Key on, nothing

    Well the PTO switch did the trick, now I got a hub wiggling around, and I burned up the PTO bearing! anyway that's another story. with this big box of parts I ordered, I'm still in it at, or around $300!! It mows like a dream and purrs like a kitten, with minimal oil usage! Would still like to thank everyone for their help. Much appreciated.
  11. tgranthamfd

    K321 c-145 help

    Maybe you could put it back together and try some seafoam? watched a pretty informative video, on small engines, a few day ago. The guy put a camera down in the cylinder before and after the seafoam, and it did a pretty good job on the carbon. You could probably find the video on youtube, search for seafoam, small engines? just a thought.
  12. tgranthamfd

    Key on, nothing

    Oh, it is the old PTO switch, I never got around to putting on the new clutch switch. I had changed all the switches one at a time, so I would know for sure which one crapped out. I just need to review all the information, in this post, and go ahead and figure out the test procedures. I think all of my old switches are good, except the PTO.
  13. tgranthamfd

    Key on, nothing

    Well, couldn't get to everything to test, or even see the wire colors, so I just went ahead and bought that high dollar PTO switch and the clutch switch. After all they was the only 2 left, right. Got them in, unplugged the 4 wires, hooked them to the new switch, closed the switch, hit the key, and nothing! Came in scratching my head, realized that I didn't push in the clutch so went out and tried it again, and much to my surprise and pleasure, it busted off with the key switch!! Just a note the new part number 98-2392, for the PTO, is a single 4 prong switch, so there is no need to buy 2 individual switches. I do appreciate all of the help!
  14. tgranthamfd

    Key on, nothing

    Good suggestion, I will try that in the morning. Probably see everything a little better, as well. Only lighting I have is the two barn doors! I think that switch might be hard to find, I did find several part numbers for it / them, Kind of expensive, too.
  15. tgranthamfd

    Key on, nothing

    I tried it with the test light. No matter how I tried it, I did not get a light, at the wire, opposite the tan wire, on the PTO switch. I did find the 15 amp fuse blown, replaced it, but nothing different. I guess I popped it during the testing, at some point, in the whole process? I tried from ground, from positive, with clutch in, with clutch out, with PTO off, and with PTO on? I couldn't see the colors very well, so I tried every combination I could think of. Left to right, top to bottom, and even the other side? The seat switch ground was connected to the ignition switch ground terminal, when I got the mower, with the seat switch gone, so I even tried with it connected and disconnected. Ignition switch is grounded with or without this wire hooked up.