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  1. A quick eye for the Wheel Horse tractors at 3:15 please. Mean Mary is one of, if not the fastest picker I have ever listened to.
  2. Holiday and Health wishes to you guys. Les Paul with Larry Carlton
  3. r356c


    http://www.upledger.org/what-we-do/ptsd-relief.php There are still healers among us. Don't ask them to explain themselves. Don't throw a micrometer on them to check for clearance. Just find them in your area. They are there. My deepest appreciation to the vets that do their level best in these interviews to put into words what cannot be put into words.
  4. Removed due to NC-17 content.
  5. Undoubtedly, my favorite ballad to the mysteries of the internal combustion engine.
  6. Compression, spark and fuel. Pick your favorite subject and work outwards from there.
  7. Careful with That Axe, Eugene.
  8. Your youth work is inspiring. I can't remember the last time I laughed so hard after watching your video of the young lady firing a much too large caliber rifle for her frame. Did she hit her mark? Happy Birthday!
  9. 5% !!!??? Yep, I'll donate 3 boxes worth to the local troop and decline the boxes of (delicious) cookies this time around. The tradition of Girl Scouts and cookies is pretty cool though. Edit: Maybe 2 boxes donation and one box to take home.
  10. Hellboud no doubt for this observation. The young lady next door always gets a few boxes of Thin Mints offloaded my way each year. https://www.forbes.com/sites/brucelee/2016/02/27/girl-scouts-cookie-pushers-contributing-to-obesity/#1e85e6372874 https://www.wftv.com/news/trending-now/canadian-girl-guide-9-sells-out-of-cookies-in-front-of-cannabis-store/855738496
  11. Not all of our tax dollars go to waste. These doggone maps seem to be accurate to the inch of elevation. https://msc.fema.gov/portal/home This is the third site I visit when looking at prospective properties anymore. Prime Florida swampland don't cha ya know?
  12. r356c

    Sears Bankruptcy

    Sears Holdings filed for bankruptcy protection early Monday after years of staying afloat through financial maneuvering and relying on billions of CEO Eddie Lampert's own money. Lampert, who has served as CEO for the past five years, will step down from that post, effective immediately, but remain chairman. Mr. Lampert always viewed Sears as a real estate play as most locations were anchor locations in malls. No crystal ball there. In the words of Monty Python, malls are past tense. These days it is a Pit and the Pendulum drama between Amazon and Walmart.
  13. r356c

    A Sobering Day

    Ed, continued prayers for Mark. I have no idea if this works for chemo hic-cups, but a spoonful of peanut butter has worked for me and my wife to stop hic-cups in the past.
  14. r356c

    Not Fla but

    Hurricane fatigue. Mother Nature is throwing down a steady stream lately. The older I get, the more I admire the WWII generations ability to absorb, process, and move on from external trauma. I have met a larger than life Marine that survived battles that the majority did not. A Sailor that spent weeks in the hold of an enemy ship without food as a POW. An Eastern European prisoner of Nazi camps with numbers tattooed on his wrist. They all found the strength to move ahead.
  15. r356c

    Hello from NW Arkansas

    Speedex, Economy, and Jim Dandy tractors. Black Oak Arkansas, Jim Dandy southern rock song. Sorry, I could not resist.