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  1. I always use 85-90 gear oil and fill the transmission till the oil comes out of the fill plug. Easiest to fill through the top of the tranny with the shift boot and shifter removed.
  2. Nice '61 project Horse you have there. Keep the updates coming, love the pics!
  3. Molon_Labe

    unleaded gas

    You will be amazed at the amount of maintenance the ethanol free gas will save you.
  4. Molon_Labe

    Spark plug wires for CH22S?

    You won't regret installing the coil kit. Kohler must have known there was a problem with the original coils so they offered these replacement kits (which they should have provided for free due to the failures of the originals). My CH22 hasn't had a single hiccup since the kit was installed, if anything it runs better than ever. Good luck!
  5. Molon_Labe

    Spark plug wires for CH22S?

    On my CH22 I did away with the 2 wire coils and SAM controller with the Kohler conversion kit part number 25 707 03-s. Comes with 2 new coils and the wiring necessary for the single wire conversion. Those coils are too hard to replace, might as well do them both.
  6. Molon_Labe

    Allis Chalmers wanna be.

    Gotta give the PO credit, he did everything possible to make it into something it wasn't. The starter setup is pretty ingenious though!
  7. Molon_Labe

    Tecumseh H60 linkage

    This post should have what you need http://www.wheelhorseforum.com/topic/66821-h60-75063b-governor-linkage-on-a-654/?tab=comments#comment-629692
  8. Molon_Labe

    K341 Issues

    I've also had good luck with their kits.
  9. Molon_Labe

    Ford lgt hydro

    Those Fords are nice tractors, yours should have an Eaton 11 series hydro in it coupled to the Peerless 2500. The first thing I'd check would be the relief spring in the lift control valve, if it's broken you won't have any lift pressure.
  10. Molon_Labe

    522xi / Kohler CH22s carb rich?

    Kohler Command V Twins are notorious for bad ignition coils, I just had to replaced both of them on my CH22. Use a spark tester to see if both cylinders are firing as they should. Here's a good video
  11. Molon_Labe

    "Clyde"--Dad's 953

    What a great present for your dad! You could always put a set of R4 tires on the old girl
  12. Molon_Labe

    I thought you guys might want to see this

    Sorry for your loss, your Dad must have been a good man to raise a son like you to provide a final tribute like that, thanks for sharing and God bless...
  13. Molon_Labe

    310-8 preferred speed for lawn cutting

    I'm in the minority on this one for sure. I mow in 1st gear with my C-101 with the 42RD deck. Second is way too fast, too many back surgeries for the bumps and jolts of the higher speeds. I do wish that 1st gear was the same ratio as reverse, that would be about perfect.
  14. Molon_Labe

    1960 suburban 400 project

    Nice project tractor and I see it also has the 1960 firewall to add to Achto's observations. I'd say a 1960 model with a '61 hood.
  15. Molon_Labe

    Early Wheel Horse

    Oh my....