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  1. jeff lary

    Seafoam. Your thoughts

    For at least 15 years or so I have added 5oz of Seafoam and 5oz of Marvel Mystery Oil to every 5 gallon can of gas before I fill the can. All my small engines get their gas from these cans. Saws over 20 of them Polaris Ranger Suzuki 4 wheeler , push mower, wood splitter , tiller, power washer , generator..... My 3/12/8 was new in 1995 and only changed the Plug a couple times, a fuel pump once last year and a starter solenoid about 5 years ago. The carb has never been off or adjusted I am a believer I guess. Might be snake oil to some but my repair history tell me a different story.
  2. jeff lary

    3/14/8 engine oil weight question

    not to try to keep this thread active but I thought I would pass this along. The filter for this engine is the same as the filter for a 2017 ford fusion I drive and most likely many other cars. Got a Napa gold $ 7.00. done and done. Thanks for all the response's.
  3. jeff lary

    3/14/8 engine oil weight question

    yea I will go for that I guess.
  4. jeff lary

    3/14/8 engine oil weight question

    Auto Zone..... I will try a NAPA as soon as I drive by one.
  5. jeff lary

    3/14/8 engine oil weight question

    Ok,... well I bought some Rotella, SAE 30 yesterday. So go with multi viscosity now? I can do that I guess like I said I only run it in the summer April to October. Have to try to find a filter tomorrow, I went to Auto Zone and all they could do was order me a Motorcraft filter they had nothing in stock. So I will find a NAPA and try them,... nothing is ever simple.
  6. jeff lary

    3/14/8 engine oil weight question

    Yes you are right I was going to try the WIX number. I went searching the web and I found a bunch of the yellow Kohler filters part number : 52 050 02 at tractor supply $ 9.99. I will just go to an auto parts store and see if they can fix me up or maybe Walmart. I need a jug of oil too. I assume this takes close to a quart of oil? I just looked in the book it says with filter 4 pints? why not say 2 quarts? I will go back to the book to see if it says there. So what about the command series are they any good?
  7. jeff lary

    3/14/8 engine oil weight question

    Yes it says 3-14-8 on the hood.... It has the Kohler engine and a yellow Kohler filter. I found in one of his tractor books, yes I found the original books I think? Where he wrote in pen that the filter in a (WIX) is a 51348. In these photos you cannot see the filter but it is out front down bottom.
  8. jeff lary

    3/14/8 engine oil weight question

    I have to ask another favor, I want to buy an oil filter today. I don't know what the part number is? Or what the oil capacity is either, It is a Kohler engine 14 hp and Is wearing a yellow Kohler filter right now. The only way to see the part number if there is one is to loosen the filter so I can turn it to see if there is a number some place on it. Does anyone know the part number I need to ask for? The guy I bought the tractor from only had something he printed off the net. It does not contain any info about the 3-14, it does however have the 3-12 and the 3-16 parts lists ( but does not show a filter number). At some point I will need an owners manual but for now a oil filter number would be a big help.
  9. jeff lary

    3/14/8 engine oil weight question

    I use Rotella in the Kubota
  10. jeff lary

    3/14/8 engine oil weight question

  11. jeff lary

    Flywheel removal?

    With chainsaws sometimes I have suspended the entire engine in the air by placing a small rope under the flywheel. Hang the engine from an overhead beam or the like . Then thread on the nut till the crank shaft is flush to outside of the nut. Then a good sharp rap to the end of the shaft/nut with a ball peen hammer or better yet even a ( brass or lead hammer) and the hanging weight of the engine will help it to come right off. Place and old tire and a blanket under the engine so it has something soft to fall on. Suspend everything a foot or so above the floor so it does not have far to fall. I like the air chisel Idea too.
  12. jeff lary

    3/14/8 engine oil weight question

    ya know after I posted this I went to canning some string beans and got to thinking. If I only use it in the summer months a straight 30w would be best for It I think. Do you use a non detergent or not? Nothing like canning vegetables to give ya time to think ! Thanks for the responses I appreciate your input.
  13. jeff lary

    3/14/8 engine oil weight question

    I am going to change the oil and filter this summer in my 3/14/8 mower. I only use this tractor to mow with "summer use only". I can go look at the owners manual but I am in here not out there so thought I would ask. I planned on using 5-30 what do you all think?
  14. jeff lary

    Rm 367 deck rebuild

    What a great looking job ! good work.
  15. No one has said this but I would be very careful not to push a bunch of carbon fragments into the cylinder. I personally would blow out and vacuum out the cylinder very well before running it.