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  1. Kurt-NEPA

    520H Snow Cab mounting questions

    I just pulled the chain tight and let it relax a bit. Then tightened it down. I had about 3/8" slack on the longest run.
  2. Kurt-NEPA

    520H Snow Cab mounting questions

    Hard to get a good picture. Does this help? I used the existing bracket (red) and mounting/adjusting holes. Note that you will need a longer chain.
  3. Kurt-NEPA

    520H Snow Cab mounting questions

    This is what I put together to replace the tensioner rub block. Its been working well. The extension is necessary for the sprocket to clear the frame.
  4. Kurt-NEPA

    2 Stage Snowblower Impellar Clearance

    1.75" clearance on the impeller is insane. I would add paddle extensions. Search YouTube - lots of videos on this. Most used rubber, but I used metal. Mine are set for 1/16" clearance and I can easily throw heavy wet snow 75 ft.
  5. Kurt-NEPA

    Steel Chains vs Rubber Chains.

    I'm using rubber chains on my 520H and 2 stage blower. My driveway is paved and uphill to the house. I've used steel chains in the past and they just marked up the drive, especially if I spun. I switched to rubber two years ago and they have been great. Just finished blowing 14 inches of the drive and the rubber chains were perfect. I do think steel chains gave better traction, especially with ice or a stone drive. That traction is critical with a plow. But rubber is a good option with a blower.
  6. Kurt-NEPA

    Onan The Barbarian

    I'm with Achto, check the oil filter housing gasket.
  7. Kurt-NEPA

    44" 2-Stage Assembly Questions

    Let me know if I missed something.......
  8. Kurt-NEPA

    44" 2-Stage Assembly Questions

    Sorry to take so long responding, Yesterday got crazy. Anyway, here is a picture and some chicken sketches. Hope they help. If I missed a dimension, just ask and I'll see what I can measure. This is a tricky part to get accurate numbers on, especially when its mounted. I did the best I could. Good Luck
  9. Kurt-NEPA

    44" 2-Stage Assembly Questions

    I will see what I can measure. Can't get to it until tomorrow.
  10. Kurt-NEPA

    44" 2-Stage Assembly Questions

    Is this the part you need? This is from my blower, so I don't have a spare, but I might be able to get some dimensions.
  11. Kurt-NEPA

    44" 2-Stage Assembly Questions

    I was concerned about that too. So I was careful that the thee extensions are exactly the same size and the bolts are in the same place. In the end, the vibration stayed about the same as it was before. Later I added a center support to the auger gear box and that took almost all of the vibration out of the auger.
  12. Kurt-NEPA

    44" 2-Stage Assembly Questions

    Here is a picture of my metal impeller paddle extensions. Most use rubber for this, but I'm a metal guy. Mine at work
  13. Kurt-NEPA

    44" 2-Stage Assembly Questions

    I made my own paddle extensions from 1/8" steel with 1/16" clearance, but most use rubber sheet. Secure them to impeller blades with screws. Lots of videos on YouTube about this. I usually use idler sprockets from Tractor Supply. They are for #40 chain which is quite common. I get the chain there too. But lots of places on the net sell them.
  14. Kurt-NEPA

    44" 2-Stage Assembly Questions

    I bought a basket case two stage for my 520H. I ended up doing a complete rebuild. It was well worth the effort, this blower is fantastic. Take it one step at a time and post questions here, we can help. I recommend replacing the auger shaft bearings with cam lock bearings. Not expensive and a great upgrade. Also consider paddle extensions on the impeller, it really helps throw the snow. I have lots of pictures of mine, post if you need some. Good luck with your project. Keep us posted with lots of pictures, we love pictures. My two stage
  15. Kurt-NEPA

    1989 520h carb

    Part numbers - Toro NN10236 same as Onan 154-1466