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  1. Kurt-NEPA

    1989 520h carb

    Part numbers - Toro NN10236 same as Onan 154-1466
  2. Kurt-NEPA

    1989 520h carb

    At the base of that hose is a chamber with a reed valve in it. I would check to make sure that is in good shape. Reed valve is number 21, Chamber cover is number 25. Above the chamber is mesh filter number 12. I would remove that filter and make sure it is clean.
  3. Kurt-NEPA

    1989 520h carb

    That tube is a breather intake for the crankcase. Sounds like you improved the surging. Good news, you are on the right track. Try it again. Took me 3 times to get mine running right. While you are in this far, check for intake leaks. I like to play an unlit propane torch around the area with the engine running. If you get a change in rpm, you have a leak you will have to take care of. Some people use a can of carb cleaner instead of the torch.
  4. Kurt-NEPA

    1989 520h carb

    Onan parts has the kits, but they are pricey and probably not needed. You can pop the carb top off without removing it from the engine. Then you can do a decent job of cleaning. I usually run a soft copper wire through each passage follow up with a carb cleaner spray through a straw. If that doesn't work, you can remove the carb for a thorough cleaning. That involves removing the muffler (and exhaust manifold) and also the intake manifold. Once the intake is off you can remove the carburetor. Now take the carb apart and soak the metal parts in a gallon can of carb cleaner for about 2 days. Then follow up with a copper wire and carb cleaner through a straw. Hope you don't need to go this far. BTW, NAPA has the gallon cans of carb cleaner.
  5. Kurt-NEPA

    Where have I been, and doing what?

    Great to hear from you Glenn. That house looks great.
  6. Kurt-NEPA

    520H year ?

    Your pictures back up what Terry said. S/N says 1988. The motion control between your legs, Test switch on the idiot light panel, and the drive belt disconnect all say its a 1988 or 1989. Do yourself a favor - clean out around the hydro as best you can and pull the engine tins and clean out around the cylinders. Both of these cause overheating and shorten the life expectancy. Looks like a fun project.
  7. Kurt-NEPA

    520h color

    I've had good luck with Valspar IH Red. Quarts and Rattle cans available on Amazon.
  8. Kurt-NEPA

    Tachometer suggestions.

    I'm using the same tach that Bob mentioned. Works great. I put the tape on the pulley on my 520H, and on the drive shaft of my 522xi.
  9. Kurt-NEPA

    Snow blower education wanted

    I've run both single and 2 stage blowers. Both get the job done. A two stage can handle heavy and wet snow better, but takes more Power. And yes, a two stage will throw snow further. I've always felt a single stage will handle up to about 10 inches (250mm) with ease, above that you have to really slow down and take half cuts. But is will get the job done. Above 10 inches the two stage comes into its own. It will really pay off in drifts, I routinely get 36 in (1 meter) drifts, so its a two stage for me.
  10. Kurt-NEPA

    What’s your favorite usage for a Wheel Horse

    I enjoy working on my horses up to a point. But I have really enjoyed blowing snow the most. Especially after I got a cab. That really helps.
  11. Kurt-NEPA

    Mower deck rustproofing

    Nice tip Peter, Thanks, I found both on Amazon. I'll give it try.
  12. Kurt-NEPA

    520h pto switch fix

    What year 520H do you have? The 1988 and 1989 models do not have the fuse block. If you want a fuse block for a later 520H go here http://store.wheelhorsestables.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=94
  13. Kurt-NEPA

    Front mount deck set up

    Nice find. I've been intrigued by them for years. I have some places that could really use one. Congrats
  14. Kurt-NEPA

    520h front hub dust cap

    Another give away for the early 1988 and 1989, They had two switches on the idiot light panel. One for test and the other for the lights. Later years only had the light switch.
  15. Kurt-NEPA

    520h front hub dust cap

    The joystick, brake lever, and drive belt tension release look like a 1988 or 1989. The hood looks to be from a later 520H.