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  1. May be a similar problem to another current topic I've been following. One of my 520s will not charge the battery. Measured voltage while running and shows 11.3 volts. Ususallu shows between 12.5-14 volts. Could it be regulator? Dave
  2. Was wondering if anyone has one KH10541 screw or can tell what type it is to hold the dipstick on a 312-8. Thanks, Dave Southern RI
  3. muz123

    PARTS...PARTS...PARTS 30+ Years accumulated

    The one I need is for a 312-8. This one has a type of flange at the bottom with 3 screws holding it to the engine. i can have a picture of it in a couple of hours.
  4. muz123

    Pair of 60" mower deck belt covers

    In need of some as i have none on mine! PM me here or call or text me at 401-218-3586 Thanks Dave
  5. muz123

    PARTS...PARTS...PARTS 30+ Years accumulated

    Would you happen to have a pair of 60" mower deck belt covers?
  6. muz123

    PARTS...PARTS...PARTS 30+ Years accumulated

    I'll add my request! Do you have the oil fill tube (KOHLER 47-029-06) for a 312? Thanks! Dave
  7. muz123

    Onan parts

    Hi, Do you happen to have an oil fill tube for a Kohler 12HP magnum engine (P/N KOHLER 47-029-06)? Thanks, Dave
  8. muz123

    312-8 Carb Replacement

    Picked up a beat-up 312-8. The carb appears to be pretty ragged, so bought a cheap replacement from among the choices found on eBAY. Turned out to be junk. Any recommendations for a replacement carb for the Magmun 12hp without buying an OEM part (big $$$)? Thanks, Dave
  9. Those 312H's are the best wheel horses ever made! 12hp Kohler and eaton 1100 transmission can't beat! Great find!
  10. muz123

    60" mower deck belt covers

    Looking if anyone has any. Contact me here or call or text me at 401-218-3586 Thanks Dave
  11. muz123

    Good Eaton 700 for 60” belt covers

    Decided to part out my 518 as it needs alot of engine work. This eaton 700 transmission works great no issues. No leaks or anything. Little to no rust at all. Looking to trade for 60” mower deck belt covers as i have none. Contact me here or call or text me at 401-218-3586. Thanks Dave
  12. muz123

    New package

  13. muz123

    518 Running odd

    Onan p218
  14. muz123

    518 Running odd

    This is an odd problem as it seems the tractor overheats or could be a governor problem. So when i start mowing with the 518 for about 20 minutes it runs good but then after about some time it starts revving very high when the throttle is moved up or down. When i move the throttle up a little bit the engine does a really high rev. When i try to engage the mower deck again the engine revs high over than it should be. I drove it around for about 20 minutes and ran fine but soon after it started doing the very high revs with no attachments engaged or on the tractor. I have cleaned the carb out 3 times, pulled the whole carb off and cleaned it good. Sprayed out the gas tank and even put a new fuel filter on and added a gas treatment and higher octane gas and no luck! Is it a governor problem? any adjustment for it? Any ideas what could be solution? I'm running out of ideas. Thanks Dave
  15. muz123

    1989 518-H

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