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  1. It has been done a couple years ago actually. I helped some friends turn a b-80 into an "s-80". Had vinylguy make some decals. It has skis on the front and atv tracks on the rear. We will be getting it out of storage very soon. I will get pics when we do
  2. That's great information. This site always has the answers. They have been sold to a member here this morning
  3. wrmhaste

    Rj hood and rear fenders

    Changed Status to Closed
  4. wrmhaste

    Rj hood and rear fenders

    Hood and rear fenders for rj or suburban. Fresh paint, good shape,
  5. Perfect. Thanks I will be posting them in the classifieds
  6. Stumbled upon what I believe is an rj hood and rear fenders. Freshly painted. Good shape. Does anybody know for sure what they fit and what they are worth?
  7. wrmhaste

    D 250 Points

    I don't have a spare set but I got mine at Napa. I believe I looked it up by a 1965 Renault dauphine car. It used the same motor
  8. I don't see why they couldn't. I put two hydros together (with cable linkage) which has far more variables and room for error. I would say it should be fairly easy especially if neither drive axle steer. Awesome idea by the way. Makes me want to start building my v plow
  9. I agree with the foot pedal idea. Best investment for a hydro. And as far as engine reving check for vacuum leaks around the intake. Spraying carb cleaner works wonders. Cleans and diagnoses
  10. wrmhaste

    Deck belt help

    I noticed that as well. I found one on ebay for $18 has "Toro 105621" in the title. But it's 145"
  11. wrmhaste

    Deck belt help

    HI guys. I need a belt for d250 deck. I've checked the manual section. The manual gave me a part number which is 105621. Comes up as a 5/8 x 144.25. The issue I'm having is the current belt measures 142 and is loose. Any ideas?
  12. wrmhaste

    D250 parts?

    Ok guys I found a head gasket. After several hours of surfing the Web I came up with a promising guess. The car it is for is a 1967 Renault dauphine. Gasket came in and is almost identical with the exception of the shape of two holes. I've seen more differences in head gaskets for modern vehicle engines.
  13. wrmhaste


    Wow that doesn't look fun at all. I have the foot pedal and it is amazing. I bought a parts 520 that had it on it. In my opinion the foot pedal was well worth the $100 I spent on the tractor. If I remember correctly I had to modify it slightly so the hand controls still worked. They come in handy every once in a while.
  14. wrmhaste

    D250 parts?

    Well thank you for responding. I was beginning to think no one could see my post. I'm going to look through the manual. I always forget about those. I'm pretty sure I found the right number on Google last night. (252155). However it doesn't cross to anything.