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  1. Updated price $175 for the pair or $100 each
  2. I have had these in the family for a long time and we don't use them. So I would like to sell them. Cultivator folds up and has extra tines and wedges, both have been repainted at one time. 125 each, would really like to sell them together could work at deal for the pair. pm if interested
  3. bgh5469

    wheel horse fan attachment??

    Amazing thanks for all the info!!! I have my grandfather's old 1979 D160, I bet he took it off years ago. Was this an add on for the D's or standard?
  4. Guys, My aunt and uncle are going through my grandfathers old stuff and found this fan that they think was part of his wheel horse stuff. My grandfather is who originally got me into wheel horse tractors. I am debating if i should pay to have shipped to me. As far as i know it does not have any wheel horse marking on it. Did wheel horse make a fan attachment? Thanks
  5. bgh5469

    snow cab

    What model is it for?
  6. bgh5469

    ARK 550 FEL lifting Capacity?

    Thanks for the information. 500# seems like a lot of for these tractors!
  7. Was wondering if anyone knows what the safe lifting capacity is on the ARK 550. I have D-160 with the 1" front axles and am always afraid over doing it. I have lifted the D series 60" rear mower deck with the bucket a few times and have always worried I was going to damage the front axle. It seems to me that the front axle is the weak link on the d series when lifting with the bucket.
  8. Wow, Thanks everyone for all of the information and recommendations! I agree with you guys that if you are doing a pole barn then a floating slab is the way to go. Our plan was to build a traditional garage but maybe we should consider a pole barn design The way my last concrete guy explained a monolithic foundation was as follows: They strip the top soil and dig a small perimeter trench and place crushed stone. Then the concrete slab is placed thickened to 18" at the outer 1' of the perimeter and 6" thick at the center of the slab. The entire slab would be reinforced with rebar and have cast in anchor bolts at the perimeter to bolt the walls down to the concrete. What bothers me about this is that building is above the frost line. So drainage becomes really important because you don't water building up under the slab, freezing and heaving. I found the attached picture on the web that shows the monolithic design.
  9. Hey guys wanted to get some opinions on my upcoming detatched dream garage build. I am planning to have 24x28 garage built for my hobbie shop(wheel horses and cars). My question is what kind of foundation should i do. I am in northern indiana and have been told i can build on a monolithic slab(thickened structural slab on grade) or traditional footings with a floating slab. My local building code allows both types for detached structures. I prefer footings since they get below the frost line but they are significantlying more expensive. Does anyone have any past experience with a monolithic slab foundations. I don't want to cheap out on my foundation, but if i go with footings I will have give up some other features I wanted.
  10. bgh5469

    roll Bar

    Really cool. I was thinking of doing this on my d with a loader. Can you show a picture of how you did the connection under the fender to the frame
  11. bgh5469

    All my 520's out today

    Nice, does each one have its special duty? 1 tilling, 1 for plowing, 1 for cutting?
  12. bgh5469

    1974 D180 w/ 3pt hitch pto and rear 60" mower

    Changed Status to Closed
  13. bgh5469

    1974 D180 w/ 3pt hitch pto and rear 60" mower

    Elite, I think the price is pretty fair given what this tractor comes with most guys would want 400 to 500 just for the complete pto and 3pt hitch setup, yes a d series will take a ark 550 loader. I have D160 with a ark 550 loader attachment. I can tell you from experience these monsters don't turn well with a loader on them but they do look cool. Shaun I am stateside, The great state of Indiana. Member BigJim is coming to look at this tractor and at the moment has first dibs.
  14. bgh5469

    1974 D180 w/ 3pt hitch pto and rear 60" mower

    Added a few new pictures of the tractor and deck together. Ran it around the yard it works better than I remember. Would consider separating the deck and tractor if someone was interested but would like to sell as a pair.