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    Picking and Grinning, Fishing,Boating,Wheel Horse Tractors, and<br>Rv,ing and making my 2001 Dodge with a Cummins go faster te he.

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  1. Olratlr

    New to Me Mitshubishi

    I thought you guys would like to see the Satoh Beaver I picked up about 6 years ago and restored. It is almost like your 372 Jim I wish mine had a FEL though. 4 speed low high tranny Diesel 4 wheel drive
  2. Olratlr

    Kwik way loader at work

    Thanks for sharing now I want one tee hee.
  3. Well you know the Old saying it ant over till it's over.
  4. Olratlr

    C85 Diesel

    You did a wonderful job looks really good and thanks for sharing.
  5. Olratlr

    No Spark 1989 520H Need Help

    I had the same problem 1995 520 H it was the ignition module behind the fly wheel. Hope this helps.
  6. Olratlr

    Good buy !

    Don't bend over someone will try to pull out that Horse Shoe. Tee hee
  7. Good Job on the Suburban and giving your Son the Wheel Horse Fever.
  8. Ell of a job you are doing Thanks for sharing.
  9. Olratlr

    D200 restoration

    Good Luck with the D200 James make it pretty ha.
  10. Looking Good but now I want one tee hee.
  11. Olratlr

    Easy Tiller Tine removal

    Thanks for the information.