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  1. thecoverworks

    year model?

    here is a picture of the tipping trailer complete
  2. thecoverworks

    year model?

  3. thecoverworks

    year model?

    i managed to find a period tipping trailer...it was in a bad state but its now been shot blasted and primed and matching wheels now fitted...all rust has been cut out and its been plated ready for red paint!!
  4. thecoverworks


    thanks for the positive comments! sorry no build page ....cheers rob
  5. thecoverworks

    year model?

    great thanks for the reply, useful information,cheers rob
  6. thecoverworks

    What have you done to your Wheel Horse today?

    Took it to a classic tractor show and steam fair !
  7. thecoverworks

    year model?

    hello, i have attached a picture with serial number and model
  8. thecoverworks

    lawn ranger

  9. thecoverworks

    year model?

    hi, follow up to my forgotten thread...picture of my wheelhouse at a show in devon...is there any way to trace the origin of mine?thanks rob
  10. thecoverworks

    year model?

    hi, how can i find out out the year/ model of my lawn ranger the serial number is 1457 thanks rob